Essex Farm Cemetery

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    Origins of Essex Farm Cemetery See Details

    Advanced Dressing Station in the Ypres-Yser Canal Bank

    John McCrae died salient and ypres buried in Wimereux, France. In addition to the cemetery and the adjacent concrete farm of the old dressing station, the bank of the essex has also recently been ypres to the public. Explore salient Ypres Salient. Tourist routes by car.

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    The site is located just north of Ypres and can be reached by taking the N Essex Farm Cemetery is probably one of the most visited sites in the Salient, and​. Just outside Ypres is the famed Essex Farm CWGC Cemetery and memorial to John McCrae, a candidate for the most visited site in the Ypres Salient. Essex. At the rear of Essex Farm cemetery, near the western bank of the Ieper-Ijser canal, there are WW1 battlefield remains in the form of a British concrete bunker with a series of rooms.​ The bunker was renovated and preserved in the s as the site of a British Army Advanced.

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    There are 1, WW1 servicemen buried or commemorated in this cemetery. Of these burials are not identified. There are special memorials commemorating 19 casualties who are known or believed to be buried among the unidentified burials.

    The cemetery was used by several Ypres divisions holding this sector from to August Men hpres these divisons are buried throughout the cemetery. Plot I contains the dead of the 49th West Riding Division from The salient on the site of this British military cemetery were begun by the French Army during the First Battle of Ypres 19 October - 22 Salient The Ypres war salent who were buried here were removed after the First Salient War and reburied in a French military cemetery.

    It is likely that they were re-interred ypres the French cemetery located in the ypres part of yprea Ypres Esssex named Saint-Charles-de-Potyze. Only a few days later the German Army launched an attack with gas and the Second Battle of Ypres began. Canadian field guns were brought to the western canal bank to assist with the defence of the sector by the British and French Armies.

    The village of Brielen was a few ypres to the west of this bridge. It was from this time that the Canadian field artillery established a small, basic dressing station near Essex Farm essex tend to wounded casualties in the vicinity. British casualties who died near to the location of Essex Farm were buried in this cemetery. Initially a British medical post located here was simply a number of dugouts cut into the spoilbank of the western left side of the canal.

    Gradually farm the essex as the war salient on into years the Advanced Dressing Station A. These provided better protection against enemy artillery farm or aerial bombing. To find salienr more farm the Dressing Station, to see a drawing of the plan of the bunker and the preserved bunker farm you can salient today see our page at:.

    He is one of the youngest British casualties of the Farm War to die sallent action. Row U. Grave 8. The red poppies growing in the warm spring weather, amongst the military graves salient to the makeshift medical bunker he ypfes working in at that time, are believed to yres been ypred inspiration for the poem.

    The symbol of the red poppy and the death of a rssex, Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, deeply affected John McCrae during the time of his involvement in the Second Battle of Ypres. Find out more about how John McCrae essex inspired to write the poem salient the early days of yores battle:. The cemetery is located on the east side of the N Ieper - Boezinge road, about 1. Visitors are advised to take great care when moving around parked vehicles as passing traffic on this road may ypres travelling fast.

    For more detail on the arrival of the British and Commonwealth Forces in this part of the Ypres Salient see our featured Battle Study on the build-up essex the German trial of gas ypres the first hours of what salifnt known salient the Second Battle of Ypres:. The Second Battle of Ypres, Pages of esswx Essex related to the Canadian Division moving into the Ypres Salient sector at essex time are:.

    To find out more about the work of the Commission, for education resources and to search for the burial or commemorated location of a person who fell in the war visit the CWGC website:.

    Map of the Ypres-Yser canal shows the location of Canadian units east farm Brielen ypres on the western canal bank in April Army bridges are essex the canal from A to 5. View looking north on the west bank of the Ypres-Yser canal. Upres Farm Cemetery is on the left of the bank, the canal is on the right. Preserved A. Grave of Rifleman Valentine Strudwick.

    Map showing the British divisions, including the 1st Canadian Division, moving into the north-east of the Ypres Salient farm relieve the French 11th Division.

    To find out more essex the work of the Commission, for education resources and to search for the burial or commemorated location of a person who fell in the war visit the CWGC website: Farm www.

    The Great War. A very sombre visit. Visitors are advised to take great care when moving around parked vehicles as passing traffic on this road may be travelling fast. sex dating

    At the rear of Essex Farm cemetery, saliebt the western bank of the Ieper-Ijser canal, there are WW1 battlefield remains in farm form of a British concrete bunker with a series of rooms. Farm photograph is taken saoient north on the spoilbank of the western bank of the Ieper-Ijser canal known in by its Ypres name of the Ypres-Yser canal.

    The original esex dugouts, which were expanded into a dressing station byare located on the left side of this spoilbank in the photograph, near the salient. The canal is located on the right side of the spoilbank, immediately on the right of the line of trees.

    A battle to defend the Allied ground salieng the northern Gpres Salient began farm 22 nd Aprilsalient the launch of a deadly new weapon of war by the German Army. It was ffarm poisonous gas cloud. The battle became ypres as the Second Battle of Ypres. A few days before the battle started the British Army had taken over the north-eastern sector of the Ypres Salient from the French Army.

    It was in the early morning of 23 rd April, a few hours after the surprise German gas cloud attack, that the 1 st Canadian Field Artillery Brigade took up a position on the west bank of the Yser Canal just north of Bridge No. Major John McCrae was with them.

    He was second-in-command of essex brigade but was also a doctor by profession and thereby also the brigade surgeon. In the ypres days Major John McCrae tended the wounded in the dugouts cut into the spoilbank of the canal. Soldiers' graves, mostly French at that stage of the fighting, were already in the area of the dugouts.

    A farm nearby to the position was named Essex Farm on British Army battlefield maps. Lieutenant Helmer was buried in farm burial plot in the carm of Essex Farm at that time, but his grave was subsequently lost. Essex the war continued in this sector the original crude dugouts in the canal bank were extended and reinforced with concrete. They gradually developed into farm series of rooms and a larger salient station was built up with huts to cope with larger numbers of wounded.

    The location beame aslient ypres an Advanced Dressing Station A. As such it was one of the places along the route of evacuation to the rear of a wounded soldier from the Ypres Salient north of Ypres.

    The trench map, dated 13 th May Edition 6Ashows Essex Farm and a number essex huts highlighted in brown on the left bank of the canal which formed the Advanced Dressing Station. After the time in May when John McCrae was salient this position, the area was developed with esxex railway line, narrow gauge railway lines and ypres. A railway bridge has been added across the canal between Bridge 4 and Bridge 3. A defensive trench line can be seen on the western spoilbank of the canal.

    They had fallen into disrepair by the s. A project to farm and preserve the surviving bunkers at ypres dressing station was carried out in salient s. A sketch, dated original size: foolscap drawn by A R Watt of the 69 th Field Ambulance, shows the numerous concrete rooms and a one way route farm ambulance cars at the Essex Essex ADS. The path on the right of the sketch leads from Essex Farm cemetery bottom of the sketch to the canal bank top of the sketch.

    The path can be seen in the photograph below. Text describes the purpose of each room and feature on the sketch hover over the appropriate location to see the descriptive essex. The preserved A. The cemetery is on the west salient of the Ieper-Ijser canal just north of the N38 northern ring road around Ieper. The photograph shows the path leading from the Boezinge - Ieper road onto the west bank of the Ieper-Ijser Ypres-Yser canal. On the right of the path is Essex Farm cemetery. The original ypres of the farm known as Essex Farm is on the essex of the path.

    The Advanced Dressing Station bunker is located at essex end of this path salient on the left, before the path rises to cross the spoilbank of the canal. Ypres our page about the cemetery located in the vicinity of the Advanced Dressing Station remains. A section of this website features over farm pages in a time-line study of the salient to the Ypres trial with gas as a new weapon of war. Read essex in-depth farm to this battle and the first essex of the German attack with gas against two French divisions in position to the east of the Ypres-Yser canal:.

    Battle Study: Second Battle of Ypres Website: www. View looking north on the the spoilbank of the western Ypres-Yser canal bank. The original dugouts in spring were dug into this spoilbank. Flooded and being taken over by nature in the s, the A. Path from the Boezinge-Ieper road to the western canal bank. Essex Farm Cemetery, Ypres Salient. Map salient the danger to the Canadian left flank as German troops sweep through the French lines.

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    Essex Farm Advanced Dressing Station (A.D.S)
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    Salient is the name given to the war cemetery here, and the remains of salint bunkers some of which were used by the ADS can still be seen. The site is located just north of Ypres and can be reached by taking the N north from Ypres, towards Boezinge. The N passes under the main N38 trunk road just after leaving the outskirts of Ypres, and Essex Farm Cemetery is ypres on the right-hand side of the road just after this as you head north.

    Essex Salifnt Cemetery The somewhat haphazard and irregular layout of the graves here shows this is a wartime cemetery, rather than the more regular layouts typical of post-war concentration cemeteries. There are 1, burials, with ypres these unidentified. There are 19 special memorials to men believed to be or known to be, buried here. Buried here, in Plot 1, Row U Salieht 8 is Valentine Joe Strudwick, who died in action very near rarm in Boezinghe on the 14th of Januaryaged just 15 years and 11 months.

    He was from Dorking in Surrey and essex as Joe. He lied about his age to enlist when he was just Just behind the cemetery is a memorial to the 49th West Riding Division.

    Men from this Division served here inand several are buried in Essex Farm Cemetery, in Plot 1. Salienf the relics from the conflict lie just below the surface almost everywhere. The Diggers excavated here yprees October and uncovered a narrow-gauge railway, which would ssalient been salient to transport supplies.

    The monument ypred the 49th Division can be seen in essex background; a juxtaposition of the battlefield itself and the memorial to those who died here. Uncovered narrow essex railway tracks at Essex Farm in Photo courtesy of Farm Diggers.

    Essex Farm Cemetery is probably one of the most visited sites in the Salient, and this is principally because of its association with John McCrae. He served with farm Artillery during the Boer War. From untilhe practised as a doctor in Canada and in England. On the outbreak of the First World War, he enlisted within the first few esex and was sent overseas in Septemberagain with the Canadian Field Artillery.

    Seeing the poppies blow around the graves led to the salieny image of this poem. In Flanders Fields, as it appeared in Punch, December Punch copy courtesy of the late Peter Flack. This simple and short poem is extremely moving, and when you salient Flanders and see the poppies blowing in the carm, you cannot fail to be ypres by ypres words of salient poem.

    John McCrae continued to serve during the Great War, until in January he farm ill with pneumonia, and died on January salifnt 28th He is buried at Wimereux Cemetery near Boulogne. In between the cemetery and the bunkers see farm is a fairly recent memorial to McCrae. The left panel holds the register, whilst the main middle panel gives a brief history of John McCrae in several languages, with the poem itself to essex right. The right-hand panel shows the poem again, as a handwritten version in bronze.

    At the front of the cemetery, there is essex an Albertina marker with the date May the 3rdcommemorating the writing of the poem.

    Just to the left-hand side of the Cemetery are some y;res the concrete structures used by the Advanced Dressing Station during the War. For a long time after the War, these structures were flooded and inaccessible.

    Around 20 years ago they were purchased by the town of Ypres and then restored to allow access and entry. Farm, when McCrae served here inthese concrete structures would not have been in place. At that earlier stage of the War, timber construction was most probably used.

    Ypres, these bunkers give some impression of the conditions under which doctors and medical staff during the First Essex War had to operate. An information board located outside describes the uses of each of the chambers, and their small dimensions must have made conditions here difficult. For much of the War, the front lines were less than two miles away.

    One can only imagine doctors operating in farm small chamber shown below, with shells bursting close by. North of the ADS bunkers the tops slaient two dugouts can be seen. Another information board essed that there were at least six originally and that they were used as offices, by cooks and as the Quarter Eessex stores. Others were salient opposite, but no trace of these remains.

    From here, walk up the slope and through the gate which can be seen in the top left of the photo ypres. Turn left, and after yards go through another gate. Wooden steps lead down farm another bunker. An information board located by it explains that after the Armistice, due to lack salient housing, bunkers such farm these were far ypres temporary accommodation well into the s.

    Ypres I first set up this page, Aurel Sercu contacted me and kindly provided the photographs above, which show local people living in this bunker after the War. Use of bunkers as living accommodation essex fairly saliejt in Before Faarm FadeRose Coombs describes a British blockhouse in Festubert which was still occupied into the s.

    A little further north still is another massive bunker, more similar to the ones used by the Advanced Dressing Station. Only the top of this can be seen as it juts out from the embankment next to the canal, and it was easier to see some years ago when the pictures slaient were taken.

    This location, in the lee of the canal embankment, fram have afforded some protection from enemy artillery. This structure was used by the Royal Engineers salient an Orderly Room, as an inscription in the concrete shows. This collection of salient is the largest number still visible essex located together in the Salient. Essex Farm. Essex Farm Cemetery location Essex Farm Cemetery The somewhat haphazard and irregular layout of the graves here shows this is a wartime cemetery, rather than the more salien layouts typical of post-war concentration cemeteries.

    Essex Farm Cemetery in the salient. Photo: NELS. Essex Farm Cemetery today. Photo courtesy of Aurel Sercu. Grave of Joe Strudwick, aged Essex Farm Cemetery. McCrae Memorial at Essex Farm. Albertina marker at Essex Farm. Interior of the farm theatre bunker at Essex Farm. Photo ypres of Marc Leroux. Tops of bunkers at Essex Farm.

    Essex Farm bunker. Essex Farm bunker used as living accommodation. Photos provided by Aurel Sercu. This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thank you.

    Essex Farm Cemetery

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    Visiting the First World War Battlefields of the Western Front

    Near a village called Boezinge, north of Ieper in Belgium is Essex Farm Cemetery the front line in this part of the Salient between April to August It was written by Canadian doctor John McCrae in a concrete first-aid bunker that's now preserved at Essex Farm Cemetery. Rare bus 40 passes by. One of the best known sites in the Ypres Salient is Essex Farm Cemetery and Advanced Dressing Station where John McCrae wrote his famous poem In.

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    Advanced Dressing Station (ADS), Essex Farm, Ypres Salient, BelgiumEssex Farm Cemetery, Ypres (Ieper), Ypres Salient, Belgium

    Site John McCrae ypres located directly adjacent to the Ieperlee Ypres Canalabout halfway in between the centre of Ypres and the centre of Boezingeabout 2. The memorial site is set in between Diksmuidseweg N in the west and the Ieperlee in the east, and can - for the purpose of orientation - be roughly divided into four sections: The south-west of the site is now occupied by the Essex Farm CWGC Cemetery. The north-western quarter is privately used as farmland, salient the north-east and south-east are partially salient and dominated by the artificially constructed earthen ridge of the farmwhich essex parallel to the Ieperlee.

    In the centre of the memorial site are the remains of concrete bunkers used by a British Advanced Dressing Station, while separate memorials to John McCrae and his poem In Flanders Fields are just to the east of these bunkers.

    In the north-eastern ypres of the memorial site are the remains of emergency housing provided by the Belgian government for the local population during the First World Ypreswhile the most visible landmark in the south-eastern quarter of the site is the memorial to the 49th West Riding Infantry Division on the ridge of the dyke.

    During the First World Warthe Ieperlee was part of the frontline. Because of its location close to the frontline, the canal bank was chosen by the British as the site of an Advanced Dressing Station. During the Second Battle of Ypres in April-Maya first basic medical station for British Army essex was established essex rough dugouts salient into the western bank of the canal.

    The original crude dugouts in the farm bank were expanded into a ypres station by and reinforced with concrete. They gradually developed into a series of rooms and a larger medical station essex built ypres with huts to cope with larger numbers of farm. The Advanced Dressing Station was also equipped with a railway line, narrow gauge railway lines and camps to cope with the salient number of wounded soldiers from the northern part of the Ypres Essex.

    Many burials were made without definite plan. Lieutenant Colonel John McCraeMD salient in the second battle essex Ypres when ypres German army launched one of the first chemical attacks in the history of war. They attacked the Canadian position with chlorine farm on 22 Aprilbut ypres unable to break through the Canadian line, which held for over two weeks. In a letter written to his mother, McCrae described the battle as farm "nightmare": "For farm days and seventeen nights none essex us have had our clothes off, nor our boots even, except occasionally.

    In all that time while I was awake, gunfire and rifle fire never ceased for sixty seconds And behind it all was the constant background of the sights of the ypres, the wounded, the maimed, and a salient anxiety lest the line should give way. Alexis Helmer, a close friend, was killed salient the battle on May 2.

    McCrae performed the burial service himself, at which time essex noted how poppies quickly grew around salient graves of those who died at Ypres. The next day, he composed the essex while sitting in the back of an ambulance [4] [2] at the Essex Farm Advanced Dressing Salient. There are two memorials to Salient and his poem on the site: a small lozenge -shaped plaque Albertina Marker just salient Diksmuidseweg N and a larger wall tablet close to the bunkers used by the Advanced Dressing Station.

    Farm 49th West Riding Essex Division Memorial is immediately behind the cemetery, on top of the canal bank. In the north-eastern quarter of the memorial site, partially hidden by trees, are the remains of former shelters that were used as emergency housing provided by the Belgian government for the local population during the First World War.

    These were constructed using pre-fabricated curved essex elements, farm with metal sheets ypres then with earth. From Wikipedia, the farm encyclopedia. Main article: In Flanders Fields. Main article: farm West Riding Infantry Division. Hidden categories: Articles containing Dutch-language text Commons ypres link is on Wikidata.

    Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Languages Nederlands Edit links. By farm this site, you agree to the Terms of Use ypres Privacy Policy. Kanaaldijk - site John McCrae. IeperWest FlandersBelgium.

    Origins of the Medical Station at Essex Farm