Relaid: Sex & the Single Adventuress for NWN2, the Authorized Unauthorized Version

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    The 2D Array that contains all the appearances used in-game, usable or not by PCs. Should be the invert of what ever pre-scaling an appearance nwn2 set nwj2, since this stops problems with creatures like dwarves, gnomes sex halflings wielding tiny daggers, and comically small longswords and hammers nwn2.

    Sign In Don't have an account? Sex a Wiki. Also effects the scale sex any weapon models and accessory seex used by a creature using this appearance entry. Using sex This applies to the scale of the wings and sex over BOTH genders. NWN1 Info - This is an entry in [ creaturespeed. NWN2 does not have this capability. Nwn2 column would restrict the horizontal. This column would restrict the vertical. Name of the bone sex to the models head mesh. NWN2 does not nwn2 head tracking capability.

    Categories :. Sex Save. Pre-scales the model used by the appearance entry. See Model Naming Conventions. NWN1 info P - Player S - Simple Animation set most critters, mostly combat related F - Full animation set humans, supports the other ambient animations nwn2 potion drinking, etc.

    Scales the PrefAttackDist value for nwn2 weapon in baseitems. This is a numerical reference nwn2 a line in the sex creaturesize. References a row number in the ranges. Redundant column left over from NWN1s nwn2.

    Relaid: Sex and the Single Adventuress for NWN2 The Authorized Unauthorized Version Created for NWN1 by Lisa Adapted for NWN2 by Chimneyfish Table of. There's a fair amount of sex. Rape is sometimes possible, but you'll be on the right end of the penis, so to speak (you have to play a male. Relaid: Sex and the Single Adventuress for NWN2 The Authorized Unauthorized Version. Created for NWN1 by Lisa Adapted for NWN2 by Chimneyfish.

    As Lisa said in the read me file for the original, "This module is meant as immature adult humor only! If you find nudity or adult content offensive, you should not play this. Please download and take a look at the read me file before downloading everything else. Hwn2 contains more detailed disclaimers about the content of the module.

    It also includes installation instructions. The sex is designed for a 20th nwn2 female PC of one of the following races: human, elf, half-elf, halfling, aasimar, or tiefling. Any character sex nw2 be fine. You cannot play it with a male jwn2. You might be able to play it sex a female of another race, but I take no responsibility for how silly your character will look during parts of the game If you don't have a character meeting that description, a pregenerated character is included in the files below.

    Lisa has not played or officially endorsed this conversion of her module, but she was nice enough to give me permission to share it here on the Vault. Thanks, Lisa! If you like the module, the credit belongs to Lisa. The concept, humor, and originality are all hers. Update history:. Here is the download table with file comments:. Sex in its Well scripted and nice areas. Really, stealthmode? Nwn2 can't believe that someone able to use a nen2 can write something like thismessage of yours.

    Nw2n way I see it, sex really offensive for the nwn2 and the players who tried the mod. I doubt that we are the ones that can have problems here Stealthmode's post is obviously a major violation of Sez Vault Code of Conduct. Where are the moderators when you need them? A lot of studies have concluded that it is highly recommendable for any sane adult sex does not find nudity or adult content too offensive and have just a tiny bit of sense of humor!

    Nwn2 ssex main content. Search form Search this site. Remember me. Ssx new account Request new password. Average: 9 3 votes. You are here Home. Submitted sex. Submitted by Migrate Wizard on Last modified:. Old Vault Category:. Old Vault Wex. LisaChimneyfishHall of FameparodyHumor. If nwn2 seeing icons nwn2 "missing 2d texture" in your inventory, use the new versions. Related projects:. Sex and The Single Sex. Sun, Sex do you rate this content? No votes yet. Average: 10 1 vote. This is a lot like the original by Lisa.

    The bad thing is I knew guys like these. So it was funny seeing this. Chimneyfish did a real good job capturing what Lisa did, and adding a little to keep it interesting. I recommend Relaid as a tongue in cheek satire piece. Mon, Average: 7 1 vote. Tue, Wed, nwn2 The last time I checked sex of the descriptions child molester and pedophile meant the same thing.

    Writing that a lot of studies ssx or show wex meaningless without quoting the source of these studies, stealthmode. If you don't like the module fine but your opinion of any body is meaningless. If you don't like these than don't play them. The Darkening of Tristram. Sean Maxhell Arena. The Gem and the Nwj2 O1. Conversation Test Module. Chronicles of Elnor. The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. The Hermit's Chalice - In Progress. Vigilant II Nwn2. Optional pregenerated character.

    Read me se in pdf format. Required music files. Snow Sex. Bloodright - The Blood Royal. Lords nwn2 Darkness 1 - The Fugitive V3. Demonheart - Chapter Nwn2. The Wink and Kiss Nwn2 2. Foreboding in Sylvani. A Dance with Nwn2 Developer Zone. JEGs Training module. Dark Avenger Chapter 1. Live Forever. FRW Character Creator. Planescape: The Shaper of Dreams. A Fairy Tale.

    The Raventhal. Red Carnival. The Exile - IceBlink. Curse of the Sex Death Prelude. The Elderin Stone.

    Search sex only. More nwn2 than in the original nwn2 not alwaysyou don t nwj2 sex end and restart the conversation, if you chose the wrong branch from the start. Well scripted and nice areas. sex dating

    As Lisa said in the read me file for the original, This module is meant as immature adult humor only! The module involves nudity, sex, and violence. The nudity in this version is somewhat more graphic than in sex original.

    Not only does NWN2 provide higher resolution graphics than NWN1, but also male genitalia are visible in this version of the module. If you find this inappropriate or offensive, do not play it.

    Heck, if I didn't know it was all one big joke, I might be shocked too. Please note that the mod is not intended to be porn, but rather a cartoon send-up of male oriented porn.

    So if you have a humorous dirty mind - Try this nwn2 and I hope you have fun. My gaming motto is always be thorough and go though everything twice! Be prepared to let your PC-gal enjoy sex with and use sex on just about every sentient single male over the age of consent. The Story of "O" Neverwinter style. While some fighting is included make sure to search dead bodies! Just don't come crying to me if you hate it for any reason - just delete it.

    If you download this module for porn - you are wasting your time! This mod is not intended as porn and yes, it should look and sound at least vaguely like a "cheap d-grade porn movie" are there any other kind? Now some people get this, some don't - they see the cartoon sex and can't hack it LOL.

    This mod pokes fun at the world of porn for men from my point of view and sex my response to several things: a. Now, if you sex porn and think this is, it doesn t matter to me.

    If you hate porn and think this is, it doesn t matter to me. If sex humor just isn t your thing, skip this mod. Besides some of the funniest stuff is in sex shopping jokes! I mean one of the main quests is to turn up a killer outfit! And there are side quests involving shoes, jewelry, and gems! How do I install and play this module? The module uses a lot of custom content and things in your override directory could conflict, causing odd results or even making the module unplayable. You can just rename the directory to something like override backup sex then name it back when you are done.

    To install the module: 1. Unzip all the archive files. This can be accomplished using 7zip, a free program available here: 2.

    Place the file Sex and the Single Adventuress Relaid. Place the file SASA. Place the four. If you want to play with a pregenerated character, place the file phaedradracca1. The module is designed for a 20 th level female PC of one of the following races: human, elf, half-elf, halfling, aasimar, or tiefling. Any character class will be fine.

    You cannot play it with a male character. You might be able to play it with sex female of another race, but I take no responsibility for how silly your character will look during parts of the game If your NWN2 OC character meets the gender and race requirements above, she would be a fine choice, but be aware that the module doesn t fit the continuity between the OC and the expansion.

    You could just pretend that the whole thing is a dream sequence probably created by Gann Also, your character will gain one or possibly two levels in playing the module and some of the custom items will appear strangely if you take them into another module. So it s best to retain the original version of your OC character if you plan on playing the expansion after this module.

    If you bring in an existing character, she will be stripped of her equipment at the start of the module. Don t panic. Some of it the less valuable can be found around the starting area check the chests and there s nwn2 more stuff there, too.

    You ll find the rest of it the good stuff later in the module. You can use the pregenerated character provided with the download. She is Phaedra Dracca, a female half-elf wizard adapted from Lisa s character provided with the original version of this module. Or you can create a new character.

    A new character will be given enough XP to reach 20 th level and an appropriate amount of gold at the start of the module. There should be plenty of equipment in and around the starting area, and you ll have the chance to do some serious shopping a little later on.

    How does this module differ from Lisa s NWN1 original? The plot and characters are nearly identical. I enjoyed the original enough that I didn t see the need for big changes. Yes, the black screens with text and sound only during parts of these are intentional. They generally parallel where Lisa used a darkness effect in the original, for the same reasons no animations are available and More often than in the original but not alwaysyou don t have to end and restart the conversation, if you chose the wrong branch from the start.

    Diplomacy and Bluff can save you money and Flirt a modified Charisma check is also used in conversation. Flirting and the ensuing gratuitous sex will get you discounts from certain merchants. It can also be used to get certain NPCs to give you their quests a little more quickly. More support for nonspellcasters. I ve added some sexy armor that non-spellcasters should be nwn2 with, and rebalanced the encounters so that any class should be nwn2 to complete the module.

    Custom items. Check them out, I think they re funny. I wanted to make it so they d be of benefit to characters of all classes, and work well when worn at the same time. Nwn2 your character has low Charisma and can t get a discount from the merchants, try putting on a few of the Charm items.

    It will become very easy. The sources of this music are credited below under This module is awesome; who deserves the credit. Experience points. I adjusted the quest XP upwards and made it so more of it comes earlier in the module. Now, your sex should gain a level about halfway through, and might gain another at the end.

    Some of my own humorous Easter eggs just to amuse myself. See if you can figure out where they re from. And the town NPCs have individualized conversations. Because I think it s funny, sex s why. Other minor changes are highlighted in the walkthrough at the end of this file under Help, I m stuck! This module sucks; who s to blame?

    If it sucks because you were offended or expecting something other than immature adult humor, then you are to blame for not reading the entire first page of this document. If it sucks because you think it s an insult to Lisa s original work or it s poorly executed and built, then I m to blame. This module is awesome; who deserves the credit?

    Lisa deserves all the credit. The concept, humor, and originality are all hers. In addition, I used a ton of content from the following people. They deserve all the credit for their work, and none of the blame for my misuse of it.

    The following is mostly taken direct from Lisa s read me file for the original module. Things that I nwn2 changed in this version are in italics. If you re still stuck, post on the vault and I ll try to help. Generally: Pull every lever, rope Touch stuff for clues. All plot doors have keys, conversations, or other devices to open them.

    Locked non-plot doors and chests that don t have keys or other devices can be picked, bashed, or opened using the knock spell. Items that give some feedback floaty text are sometimes important. Search dead bodies some plot items spawn on deaths. Conversations sometimes have more than one thread, but the other threads do give clues.

    Some threads don t open the first nwn2 you talk to someone but only after other things are done. If stuck, try the nwn2 or read the journal notes. The main quests are driven by her conversation threads.

    You need gold to trade for some plot items. The module should give you enough gold at the start that you can afford them all, if you don t go crazy shopping for equipment.

    If you run out of gold, try being nice to the Green Fairy. You can only get gold from her once, though.

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    Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts Latest activity. Thread starter Bateluer Start date Oct 3, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Software PC Games. JavaScript is disabled.

    For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Bateluer Lifer. Jun 23, 27, 7 0. These are just a small handful, for both esx. More modules for both games are still being made aex well. I'm sure I missed some other great modules, but I'll add them to this thread as they get posted. I'm sure everyone has their favorites. After two years of real hard working, I finally finished my game, Tortured Hearts 1.

    This game is meant for hardcore players. TH1 is very difficult, but there were people who could get to the bottom of it. If you are perseverant, patient and curious, I'm sure you'll be able to watch the epilogue s.

    The size of the supplements is about Mbytes. Yet another two years of development, yet another epic game from me, to you: Tortured Hearts 2. I hope you'll enjoy this creation of mine as much as I enjoyed making it. Some nwn facts you should know before playing: -Although this is a release version, you may still find some glitches. I hope you won't: if you do find anything to be fixed, please feel free to contact me. Starting as a humble craftsman, your sex task is sez become an adventurer.

    He has had many scifi and fantasy books published here in Zex -Text was proofread by a sfx and helpful American player of mine, DrHoo.

    Thanks for plenty swx items and excellent testing aid, too. Nwn2 of Eternity Unison Ability System - This means that you can perform combination attacks with other members in your party, nn2 the battles even more dynamic than before. Last Resort System - These custom abilities can be performed by monsters, PC, and party members alike. Essentially, when the health drops down past nwn2 certain level dependent on whoever is performing itthey can perform life saving abilities.

    Now, you cannot just rush into battle and try to kill that enemy that has low life. Party members will learn new L. The longer nqn2 allies fight alongside each other, the greater the bonds that forms between them. As this bond continues to grow, so too does the skill of both allies when they are sex side by side.

    In game terms, whenever an enemy is killed by one ally, and sex other ally landed at least one blow on them, if the 2 allies were near each other when the enemy died, BOB points are earned between the 2.

    Once certain tiers of points are achieved, specific abilities will be unlocked so that while the 2 allies fight near each other, they will be stronger. Distinctive Development - Who doesn't like being able to control the progress of their party members?

    The main issue with "Rose Of Eternity" is that most of the skills are custom, and therefore, the default NWN engine doesn't have built in ways to upgrade them Until now DD points are accumulated whenever a party member levels up.

    With these points, they nw2 be able to make various upgrades to certain skills they have. Passive Abilities - These are abilities that are triggered automatically in combat after you have been fighting for a specific amount of time. PA's can be all sorts of types of skills, such as damage dealing, buffing, or healing.

    Special Abilities - Nsn2 abilities are simply custom nwn2 that can be used in the game. The user of these skills range from party members to enemies that you come across in the world. Soundtrack - The entire score of the module is custom. This is to further separate this module from other ones. That being said, depending on the dex you play the game with, you will get another branch of the story, or more specifically, nwn2 it from their zex of view.

    Those these different stories could be technically viewed as "separate modules", the nwn2 intertwine too much to be released separately. There will be plot twists, romance, intrigue, and many moral dilemmas to ponder. You will esx care dex them, not just think of them sex that person who stands in front of you while ses cast spells. Death System - When party members die, they will become ethereal, and will basically be inactive. They will not attempt to attack, and likewise, they will not be attacked.

    Favor System - Do something good for an NPC, and perhaps they will favor you more, and do something for you later in your travels. There are multiple levels of "favor", and just because they did one thing for you, doesn't mean they won't do another thing again. Alignment Shifts sex Nn2 are various chances for you to change your alignment, which will affect nwm2 "some" nwn2 see you Custom Items - Throughout the module, custom items can be found that all have unique nwn2.

    These however aren't your typical "custom" items. Item Upgrade System - With a combination of a caster, magic stone, and an item, the item can be upgraded to unlock custom unique properties. Walkthrough - Having trouble finding some wolves iron? Not sure if you found all of the quests in Aribine? If nwj2, then the walkthrough is for you. Bestiary - This list contains every single enemy in the game, and talks of it's strengths and weaknesses, as well as strategies on how to defeat them Adam Miller - Shadowlords, Dreamcatcher, Demon A Hunt Through the Dark 6pts Kunoichi Chapter 1 Very Hwn2 module, he ain't kidding.

    This module takes place in an Asian setting. You were brought up to become a kunoichi, a female ninja. You are getting ready for your esx What will be your destiny in nwn22 Scorpion clan? Nen2 is a game for a level 1 female character. You have been warned Patch 1. See readme for vital information about the settings.

    The first module of a series of four but holds a story on its own. A forest legendary on the Forgotten Realms for once being the greatest of Elven Cities, until its fall years ago under a sudden attack. To this day its once benign shadows are still overun with Devils, and the minions of Hell. Though the lost treasures of the Elves is enough to pull many a foolish adventurer into its now haunted depths. Someone, however, is starting to fight back A NWN2 Campaign by Alex "Hugie" Hugon; 10 hours of exploration- and story-driven gameplay featuring intense combat, many sidequests, dozens of custom items and creatures, and 12 custom music tracks!

    For instance, a high lore skill will allow your character dialogue options that account for knowing, ironically, sex lot of sex about the nwn2 and facts about the world around them. Likewise, diplomacy can convince others to do what you want them to, and you can scare them sex doing what you want with Intimidate. However, ssx checks are hidden, so pay attention to nw2 conversation options. If you sexx to play a Paladin, you'll probably have to limit your ruthless murdering.

    There is also Neutral shifts. They look odd in the game, but are always accompanied by a final "your alignment nnw2 shifted towards neutral. You should also be careful how you speak to strangers, because your companions might not like the way you treat people either! A skilled character can bypass a lot of combat and still get rewards where an unskilled character couldn't, if you are diligent sez seeking out places to test yourself. You can control this through dialogue.

    If they ask for nwn2 advice, being harsh will result in them shifting towards evil, and telling them to zex more free spirited will make them chaotic, for example, as well as unlocking hidden classes for them to take when they level up. Talk to them frequently, they have things to say about the area se are in or new dialogue based off of how much they like you, and to check to see if they have any new classes available that might be helpful to you.

    They are also gender neutral, meaning that they will react to you regardless of who your character is. Not all are available in stores and can be found randomly in treasure.

    There are also many new and useful potions and wands available in stores. Take advantage of these, a potion sex Mage Armor can mean the difference between life and death in a deep and unforgiving dungeon, especially since it's not safe to rest everywhere. A character with a specialized weapon may not be able to find their preferred weapon immediately, and since the treasure is random, perhaps never.

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    r/neverwinternights: For the stalwart community interested in Neverwinter Nights (​NWN), its sequel Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN2), or Neverwinter . Besides unless there is some kind of fantastic sex mod out there for NWN2 with actual sex animation or cutscenes then I don't see much point. › Relaid-sex-and-the-single-adventuress-fo.

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    Urban Dictionary: NWN2Appearance.2da | NWN2Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    Log in or Sign up. Welcome to hwn2. We're less strict than other forums, nwn2 please refer to the rules. Sex your account has "passed" your posts will only be visible to yourself and moderators until they are approved.

    Nwn2 you have passed the moderation period think of it as a testyou will be able to post normally, just like all seex other retards. Sex Apr 5, Messages: 20, Location: Your ignore list. Mar 1, Stats Ignoring. Admiral jimbob gay as all hell. Joined: Sep 29, Messages: 9, Location: truck stops and toilet stalls. Being Brazilian? Brofist x 1. Where do I download that? Sergiu64 Arcane. Joined: Jun nqn2, Messages: 1, Try Gladiatrix.

    It's shorter, bugger and has a bit less story but the xxx scenes are actually better cause they're animated pretty well. I was actually planning to Let's Play it sex one point, but I seem to be too lazy to actually get started. Dunno, it seemed like very few mods were made for NWN2 ssex general. Joined: May 5, Messages: 4, Location: Commoriom. For NWN2? Nah, sex even anything remotely like it.

    Kitako Arcane. Mar 2, Stats Ignoring. Yep, tried to find something really built around the rogue class, but nothing compelling. Mar 3, Stats Ignoring. Mar 7, Stats Ignoring. Shadenuat Arcane. Joined: Dec 9, Messages: 9, Location: Sex.

    I don't think there is anything that comes even close to beat "Dance with Rogues" Joined: Nov 3, Messages: 50 Location: Sex. Well, there is Arandie for NWN. Rogue oriented campaign about adventures of elven assassin in big city. Played it looong time ago, can't really remember the details, but there was some whoring and lesbian sex and stuffies, iirc.

    Erebus Arcane. Joined: Jul 12, Messages: 3, Humanity has risen! Mar 8, Sex Ignoring. That module was so horrible in spite of the skill sex.

    Who thought ndn2 was a good idea to play Neverwinter Nights meets cheap nwn2 erotic novels? I ended up uninstalling in disgust. Sex I the only one that played ADwR just for the rogue gameplay? That was quite sex best gameplay I experienced in NWN. The other rogue-centric module by the guy that made the Nwn2 series was good too, but a nwnn2 too short and with too little sneaking and stabbing.

    Mortmal Arcane. Joined: Jun 15, Messages: 5, You guys are such amateurs Racofer ask you for nwn2 modules and you fetch some old nwn1 modules he probably already have played nwn2 death. Nolook further, we french have a considerable advantage nsn2 to Mwn2, its no nwn2. When it comes to french modules, the nen2 is not is there tastefull rape, but how much rape is esx inand how tastefull it is.

    It has more than dance in the rogue inside. Only sex is ton wnn2 hak files to download and a few file editing, but nothing will ever stop a motivated codexer to install nude patches i think. If that dont get me a brofist, i dont understand Check also other modules from same author. Brofist x 2. Le module est traduit je croisdoit yavoir le choix entre les deux. I think yes, but really not sure tried it long ago. Mar 9, Stats Ignoring.

    So is Neverwinter Nights worth getting just for the modules? Yes, definetly. I actually just rebought it a couple of months ago cause I had lost the srx and the last chapter of "Prophet" was published and that's the best wnn2 modules for NWN, sex my opinion, and far better than many AAA titles. But if you hate the 3d nwn2 engine of NWN, you'll prolly hate the modules too, no matter how good they are. RK47 collides like two planets pulled by gravity. I bought it and enjoyed the modules.

    What I dislike the most is how slow your character moves and nwn2 oftentimes it seems that your nwn2 don't respond to your commands. Anyway, feel free to name quality, meaty modules so long as they aren't replete with shock content like that other module. You must log in or nwn2 up nwn2 reply ses. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

    No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Nwn2 your password?