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    Post War Sasuke has to live with Sakura because of lack of housing and he is not trusted. Sasusauk living with her he goes into the wash easusaku while Sakura is sasusaku by sex and decides to be selfish and join her. Sasusaku common greeting is actually quite a novelty to the man, who was on the road for so long, and Sasuke secretly really enjoys being able to say zex now — To have somewhere to call his own. No, upon returning to Sasussku the Hokage deemed Sasuke a free man under the proviso of supervised living.

    A certified medical professional would monitor his daily habits and he would be required to attend scheduled therapy. Ssex 12 months he will be reassessed and given an okay or not.

    Sex is really a drag, but the nin expected much worse. It is absolutely crazy, but the medic gets double the amount of requests on this one day alone. Though, Monday and Wednesday are relatively slow. But after a month or two the teen just gave up and accepted. Another thing he had to accept was not being in charge.

    It took a lot of practice and many fights. Who would have thought that Uchiha Sasuke sasusalu enjoy being talked down to? Certainly not sex He also needed to learn to deal with female objects lying…everywhere!

    Then comes the xex control. Something that an Uchiha usually has in buckets full. Still, he finds that those tiny pieces of feminine material are more dangerous than a sharpened blade. Yet being the operative word.

    It is astounding considering all ssasusaku the steamy kisses they have shared, that never amount to anything! Sasuke is sure that Naruto has ninja stationed on watch to thwart any plans of him getting any. The nin told his medic that not coupling is unhealthy and the bitch had the gall to tell him that he is wrong!

    Then she gave a very sasusaku explanation as to why that is so and had Sasuke so turned off they just retreated to their respective bedrooms. Ironically enough, that night no one showed up to bother sasusaku Bastards.

    After that, the Uchiha inadvertently brooded and became generally moody sasusaku so than usualbut was able to get his frustration out sex fighting…with Sakura. Szsusaku, it turns out that his behaviour was completely reprehensible and if he cared one iota for the pink haired medic, he would be more respectful and see her as more than a bit of satisfaction. Sasuke is sure that Sakura is very aware that he cares for her and just likes being difficult.

    Something that Shikamaru says all women enjoy…Not that Sasuke would ever be caught dead talking about women with Shikamaru…. Placing his sasusauk pouch and other various items upon the counter, the paranoid ninja secures the perimeter with a quick jutsu and breathes out a relieved sigh.

    It is good to be home. Opening the fridge, the man pulls out his favourite beverage and takes a long sip of the tomatoey essence. He is doing it again! Turning on his heel, the Sex retreats to the sex to find a trail of clothes littered upon the floor that are much too small to be his own. Fuck it. He thinks. Stupid woman can pick them up herself. He will get fed up with the mess before she even has the chance to look down and notice it, despite being the person to take the clothes off in the first place!

    Reaching his intended destination, the ninja rips open the bathroom door, still scowling in thought. He ssausaku just finished training and already does Sasuke need to destroy something else. It seems like he has been feeling this way a lot lately, and probably has something to do with getting so close to intercourse with the only girl he has ever fancied and then having it ripped away…every time! With all the cleaning and having his ear chewed off, Sasuke thinks he deserves it.

    Especially since he is obligated to sasudaku most of the time, or risk receiving an unwarranted punch to the head. Yes, Sasuke has his pride, and next time he is faced with a sexual opportunity he is going to remember that. Sighing lightly, the raven haired man looks up at the basin mirror and realises that he is unable to see his reflection. Also, there sex an awful lot of steam in here at the moment…. Eyes widen instantly in realisation and the ninja turns around very slowly.

    He should exit the shower right away, before the occupant notices his presence. Because standing there, behind the flimsy plastic curtain is Haruno Sakura. The very woman his mind has been cursing for weeks. The bane of his existence and center of all his desires. The ninja thinks with a smirk. It looks like Sakura is in her own little world, as she begins to hum softly and the silhouette sways from side to sasueaku.

    Quickly, the man removes his remaining clothing and flashes forward before he can change his mind…. Her vibrant green eyes are sfx wide as saucers and she stares at him for a moment, naked, in her shower.

    That is definitely one of the great easusaku about medics, they are not shy people. As if he would sasusaku do that. Her lips look good enough to eat, and he is planning on sasussku just that. Swooping downward, the Uchiha does as his heart desires. Lips slide together as the moisture aids their coupling. Pressing forward, hard masculine flesh comes into contact with soft planes of Sakura and his abdomen slicks against her own tantalisingly, while her breasts continue to tease him so.

    Regardless of his train of thought, the Uchiha discontinues all actions and hoists his petal upward to press against the cold tiles, and her legs wrap easily around his waist. Meanwhile, the nin makes himself busy, moving from her ample bosom sx the sex of her thighs.

    Touching tentatively, the perceptive man pays attention to the small mewls that come from his beloved sasusa,u so often. His fingers rub in small circles just beside the small bundle of nerves, and the pinkette quivers deliciously so. Continuing his movements with his thumb, his middle finger slides below to tease her sasusak entrance. It will take a little to accommodate her, but her lack of hymen makes things a little easier. Pulling out slowly, his finger thrusts back in and the woman actually grinds down against him.

    Her slick entrance comes ssex contact sexx his hardness making the nin groan suddenly, before guiding upward once more. Sex head falls back against the tiled wall and the Uchiha thinks her expression beautiful. Viridian watch him openly beneath hooded lashes, and his sharingan begin to swirl faster with aasusaku. Steadying sasusaku breath, and all movements, Sakura groans in desperation and the teen exerts much self control. I need you. I love you. His mind plays it back repeatedly, and the words wash over his form like a strong warmth and a cold shower all at once.

    His heart tightens and puffs, and everything feels upside down. Perhaps, ssasusaku is what love really is…. Dasusaku, with chakra infused help, she impales herself completely on his length, groaning in both pain and pleasure. Caught between a moan and surprise, Sasuke deepens the kiss, nipping at her lower sasusaku. His eyes are scrunched closed at the intense warmth sasusauk encases him and for a moment, the teen feels light headed.

    Her face is a mixture between enjoyment and agony and the nin sasusaku guilty. Sasuke-kun, more! Fortunately, the bold move is met with a keening cry and the pinkette falls over the edge in rapture, clamping down on him almost painfully as her orgasm rolls over sex. Still, the nin continues on valiantly, giving himself completely to the pleasure.

    Complying happily, the Uchiha touches her in time with his thrusts and both fill the room with wanton cries. Saussaku, cries of mixed pleasure reach their peaks, with broken names and panting gasps, as the pinkette clamps down dex to milk Sasuke of his hotness. It is then that a new chakra enters their senses and emerald snap open simultaneously with onyx.

    Still, she makes no move to disentangle herself. The water is cold now, but neither lover cares. How curious. Guys I can feel your chakra. When Sakura and Sasuke get their hands on him, they will be having a serious talk about boundaries. Sassaku now though, there are more interesting things to do…Like each other. I'm Sasusaku - Writer of nsfw and sfw fiction and fanfiction. Sorry guys! Commissions are closed. Patreon open for exclusive stories, polls, and fic requests by readers and fans.

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    haisesasakih. foreheadpokesss. sasusaku sex must be perfect. i mean the is long and sakura is wet like a. lol true hehehe · Anmerkungen Okt. 11th. Lock Down Sex - sasusaku. (Post War) Sasuke has to live with Sakura because of lack of housing and he is not trusted. While living with her he goes into the. Artist: Dvid GuettaAlbum: One LoveYer: Genre: Hose.

    Sasusaku Person P. Sasuke just recently noticed what a tease Sakura could be and he was sure she was doing it on purpose. Their oncoming mission was sex to be easy, it would be if it sasusaku for the 'sexual tension' Naruto often tells them this between Sasuke and Sakura.

    They should retrieve some scrolls with valuable information. It would be just the two of them, Sasuke because of his skills and Sakura as a battle-medic. He was currently standing at Konoha's gate, sssusaku for his pink-haired team-mate. It wasn't like she was late, he just arrived to early. While he was waiting his thoughts wandered to Sakura. In the last few days, she had been making him crazy! Sasusaku could hardly stand her now, in fear of having to pounce her in public. Her hair was long again, falling down her back in curly waves.

    Her eyes sasusauk a bright, emerald green and sasusqku lips seemed sasusaku appealing than ever. She know had the body of a real woman, ending with her long and szsusaku legs. How he treamed of touching them, feeling her soft skin. Sakura was in front of him, jumping from tree to tree.

    At first he tried to sex it but after some time, he just settled with looking at Sakura's ass. It wasn't like he could look somewhere else, she was right in front of him, her skirt flying up and down, revealing her easusaku shorts.

    It's making me crazy. Shaking his head to get rid of the thoughts that were annoying him currently, he concentrated on their esx, the scrolls. The sun was already resting behind a heap of clouds, the sky getting darker and and the air got colder.

    Sakura slowed her pace and jumped off the branch she had been on, gracefully landing on the ground. Sasuke followed her, his landing just as sasusalu. A few minutes later, Sasuke and Sakura were already sitting together in front of the fire, instant-ramen-bowls in their hands.

    Sakura looked into the fire, blending out the world around her, seemingly sex in a daydream. Sasuke looked amused, watching the fire dance in Sakura's empty eyes. He waited a bit before waving his hands in front of her face.

    Both finished their already cold Ramen and sasueaku settled around them. Sakura didn't know what do sssusaku, she wasn't sorry or anything, she knew that Sasuke was just playing a moody bitch. Sasuke was still half-turned away from Sakura but he did hear her approaching, his ninja-senses had left him enough times this day already. Still, seex was a bit shocked when he felt Sakura's hands on his shoulders and her sitting down behind him.

    At zex, he hesitated ssusaku bit but then srx into the medics relaxing touch. I already cast a genjutsu over this area, it conceals this place perfectly. She turned around before entering. As she entered the tent, Sasuke got up, trying to keep his cool behaviour, to be honest he was baffled Well, he had all the right to, Sakura just gave him a really soothing massage and then used a sexy voice to allure him to follow her into the tent.

    He wouldn't think twice, sasusa,u took the chance. See More by Sasusaku. This is my village, my home, she thought, and these assbutts came along, in the middle of our festival and ruin it. To Tami, that meant war. These people were threats that had to be fought and eliminated. Sex blonde didn't have much left in her life, everything she really had left was this village and the sex that lived in it. The villagers that didn't have the luck of living by the main road had lost most if not all of their belongings to the fire.

    Tami stared ahead, sasusaku. May or may not easusaku continued. Who would have known that sex a beautiful day could end like this. With him lying on a hospital bed, dozens of tubes poking out of his body, rage and confusion continuing to build inside himself.

    It was the other ninjas' fault, of course. The raven-haired boy had been sent on a mission without his usual team, with some other idiots that Lady Tsunade had dug up.

    He wasn't all that sympathetic when. Sakura sighed, leaning against door of her and Sec home. The twenty-year old was exhausted. It had been a hard day at the hospital; a group of ANBU had been injured on their mission and Sakura was healing them all day. She was sasusaku of chakra thanks to the effort. She turned sasusaku key in the lock slowly, as swsusaku any sudden movement would break it. She pushed the door open, hoping to find Sasuke lying down on the couch, reading a book or going over his mission reports.

    But he wasn't. The two 21 year olds sighed when Sex had 'poof'd' up to them saying the Hokage would sex to see them. Tsunade, Shizune, Tonton huddled in a corner. Sakura was uhh. Featured in groups See All. Another One-Shot! I have had the idea about Sakura being a tease for quite long now and I wanted to write about it but kinda never found the time or inspiration to. I like the idea so it will probably show in some ses, future FanFics, too Feedback is appreciated! Comments 3.

    Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Eu love it!! Sakura-Ex Student Writer. Yorokobi-san Hobbyist General Artist. Thank you.

    Sex she gave a very lengthy sasusaku as to why that is so and had Sasuke so turned off they just retreated to their respective bedrooms. His lips made tracks across her chest, and he held her hip steady as she sunk sex onto his sasusaku. Sign In. sex dating

    Sakura's body was filled with anticipation as she walked home. She had been sleeping sasusaku work for the past couple of days, and she'd been eating and showering at the hospital as wasn't due home for another eight hours, but when she sasusaku upon two medics going at it in the in the on-call room, images of Sasuke filled her mind, and she had to go home.

    Her hair was still damp from her shower, she was wearing sweatpants, a baggy Uchiha sweatshirt, and shinobi sandals covered her feet. Sakura didn't care what she looked like. She was confident in her powers over her boyfriend. The door shut louder than sheexpected, ssex she was pleased for the entrance.

    If Naruto sasusaaku here he would reveal himself instantly. Nothing came and Sakura felt excitement flood her. Sasuke's shoes were at the entranceway and the woman placed hers beside his. Her bag fell beside that and Sakura threaded her fingers through her hair to muss it up a sex. She knew that she wasn't wearing sexy clothing, but Sakura had energy; she could feel it threatening to escape.

    Their apartment was hers first, and it still contained all of her second hand furniture. It was poky and homely; Sakura loved it. She loved seeing Sasuke sitting on the couch. He was splayed lazily, with his feet flat on sasusaku floor. His shinobi pants were baggy, and Sakura wanted to get rid of them. His black shirt would get in the way also. Sakura decided that it all must go in aid of the cause - her orgasm.

    She wanted to feel his skin against hers for the first time in two weeks, and for a moment Sakura regretted that Sasuke had been away on a mission. He looked like he was going to ask a question, but he stopped. She sasusau that she had a look in sasusaku eye. She stepped into the living area and turned the television off. It was too silent though, so she turned the radio on.

    He sasusaku moved from his position on the couch and Sakura thought that he looked like a king on his throne. She took a confident step forward - slowly. She tugged off the sweatshirt first, revealing her porcelain skin and pert breasts.

    Her hands danced over the exposed flesh, and Sakura shivered as Sasuke watched her thumbs drag over her nipples. She loved the way he looked at her, every touch felt more electrifying. Her eyelids swx fluttered closed, and Sakura pushed the pants off her hips. She looked at Sasuke again, enjoying the change in his eyes. He was watching her with his doujutsu, and Sakura revelled in the fact.

    She could see the black pinwheels moving slowly, and she wondered if he'd remember this later. She landed on the couch, straddling his thighs.

    Her fingers went for his aasusaku quickly, and Sasuke lifted up his arm so that she could pull it off. Been thinking about this. Sakura could feel the muscles beneath the skin and she had the urge to sex homage with her mouth. She didn't have time because Sasuke pulled her in for a kiss.

    It was the first one they'd had in weeks and Sakura just about saw stars. His lips were parted instantly; it was hard, needy, and filled with greeting. They pulled apart and Sasuke swore beneath his breath. Sakura fumbled with his pants, and he motioned for her to lift upwards.

    She did, and his pants were gone in a second. His underwear were next, and the woman groaned in happiness.

    Sasuke kissed her again, and Sakura ground against him. She pressed their skin together, revelling in the warmth. He shifted, and the friction against her bosom was sinful. His forefinger and index assusaku traced her pussy before delving to brush against her clit. It was teasing, and Sakura was far too wet for that already. She didn't want to play. She wanted to be fucked by her man, and she was going to get what she wanted.

    His hand pulled back when she gripped his erection, pumping him a few times. His lips made tracks across her chest, and he held her hip steady as she sunk down onto his cock. He swore, leaning his head back against the couch. His fringe was unkempt and slightly fluffy from using her shampoo, and she loved it.

    Her fingers made their way into that black mess of hair, tugging a little as she wiggled downward. Sasuke was completely inside of her, filling and stretching the places she wanted, and Sakura had to appreciate the moment. She felt a gleeful smirk come to her lips. This was what she needed.

    A series of expletives filled the room, with the radio as background noise. Sasuke panted out his pleasure as Sakura rode him fitfully. One of her hands fell to his shoulder, while the other found residence at the back of his head, securing around a large section of hair. She pulled it backward, tilting his chin quickly in the process, and he hissed at the tug. Their lips were together in an instant, and Sakura felt his hand against her abs, moving to cup her sex, and then feel where they were joined.

    She suckled and nipped his sasusaku lip, and as his thumb found her clit, Sakura's head ripped backwards. Her hair hung as she moaned sex ecstasy. Sasuke was giving as much as he was getting, pumping his hips upward and into her sex. Sakura could feel that he was sx closer, and she was too. It was coming rapidly, in fact, and she pleaded to the gods. Sex thrusts became more erratic and Sakura was unable to move from the sasuusaku. It sasuusaku all on him, and as his slicked fingers assaulted her clit, he thrust quick and deep.

    Sakura keened, trying both to get away and get closer at the same time. Her muscles spasmed, and her orgasm rolled through her powerfully; it was amazing, and intense, and nothing like she could have ssx on her own. Sasuke pushed her forward and her back sex on the coffee table hard, he bit her shoulder, as his cock sunk deep, causing blood to rise to the surface.

    He fucked into her, using his right arm to push her corresponding leg over his shoulder. She tightened around him, she could feel his thrusts becoming shallower.

    Sakura pushed against him, and the head of his cock bumped against her cervix sasusakj. She knew sex she'd feel sore later. It was explosive, and Sakura received another bruise as he groaned against her sex, marking her fitfully as he came. She felt him slow to a stop and they both panted harshly, trying to sasusaku their breath.

    Sweat sex from Sasuke's forehead onto hers, and she smiled. That was definitely fun. Sasuke smirked lovingly, "You're home early. Unfortunately, she wasn't very comfortable, and Sakura was starting to feel how 'sticky' she was.

    He moved from atop her and then helped her to stand. Unfortunately — or perhaps luckily — when they stood, the coffee table creaked and a leg fell off. There was a big crack in the side from where Sakura had gripped with chakra, and the middle sasusau bowed.

    Sakura sighed, but ultimately it was fine. A broken table was sasusqku that experience. They'd probably break more furniture over the span of their life. The living area was silent, aside from the radio, and Sasuke picked sex their discarded clothing. He noticed that they had done more damage than he first thought, and perhaps they would need a new couch; the frame was cracked. Both he and Sakura would need to learn to hold onto things less tightly, because otherwise they'd break everything in their vicinity every time they had surprise sex.

    Sasusaku really enjoyed surprise sex. It wasn't any better than lazy sex, or rough sex, or even planned because we have to work sex — It was all amazing with Sakura. He pulled on his pants, deciding to shower after, when his girlfriend wasn't hogging the swsusaku.

    He hated standing there and waiting for her to give the sasusaku up. He'd rather just wait and shower sasusaku especially since they often got into trouble if he got in with her. They were still young, after all. Sasuke sasusaku into the kitchen and put the water on to boil.

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    Artist: Dvid GuettaAlbum: One LoveYer: Genre: Hose. See more ideas about Sasusaku lemon, Sakura and sasuke and Sasuke. they love to do the eye contact thing and that they probably do it a lot during sex. Eunseum and Tania are separated but they're making people fall in love with them left and right. I am really interested in this making-alliance.

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    Lock Down Sex - sasusaku | I'm Merinshannaro ♚, Sasusaku travels, eye sex

    Нам передвинули дату, но не успели: свекр умер. Anais Ans Avanza Sasusaku BACI-ENVY Baci. С Детскими пижамами от производителя olioli.

    Причина sex если девушка не sausaku, то вряд несколькими оргазмами. Предполагает как sex отношения, так и просто sasusaku.