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    Smallville star seeks plea deal in sex cult case See Details

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    Lifetime series Surviving R. Kelly has added sex harrowing claims the rapper is holding women against their will for his own sexual gratification. Kelly has groomed, imprisoned and 'trained' numerous young and often vulnerable women to be his sex slaves, a harrowing docu-series has claimed.

    The year-old rapper has set up a 'cult' of young women - largely picked out of the crowd at his shows - who he abuses and keeps hostage for his own sexual gratification, sex to TV series Surviving R. Kelly, which premiered in the US last week.

    Kelly - real name Robert Sylvester Kelly - threatened to sue Lifetime if it aired the show and denies all accusations. From keeping the women locked up with only a bucket to use as a toilet to forcing them to perform degrading and depraved group sex acts, here's how his alleged victims have described life in the 'cult'. Divorced single mum, DJ Kitti Jones, claims she was brainwash, imprisoned brainwash sexually abused by the rapper after they met at one of his shows in June On their first meeting, she claims he barged through the door of her hotel room and masturbated on the sofa before 'training' her to give oral sex.

    He was telling me how to bend my back or move my leg here. I'm like, 'Why is he directing it like this? But he tried to make me feel special about [the trip]. Like, 'If I didn't really like you, I wouldn't have done that, and I wouldn't even be wasting my time flying you out, and I respect you,'" she told Rolling Stone in He also allegedly dropped disturbing hints about mysterious girls he had 'raised', and told Kitti he would only introduce her when she was 'mentally ready'.

    According to Kitti, he convinced her to quit work and move into his Chicago apartment by offering to pay double her salary. And once there she says she was banned from talking and looking at his male employees; forced to text Kelly her every movement and to wear baggy sweatpants when out so as not to look attractive. Their relationship apparently turned violent when she confronted Kelly about the video at the centre of his child pornography trial, which allegedly showed him urinating into the mouth of a year-old.

    In he moved her out of his main home and into a flat attached to his recording studio in Trump Towers to make way for what she now believes was a new girlfriend. There she says she was confined to her sex and ordered to text his staff if she needed food or brainwash toilet. Kelly would allegedly take her phone away as punishment, with Kitti claiming she once went two and a half days without eating.

    Unbeknown to her at that point, other girls were also apparently being held under similar conditions in different rooms of the apartment. The darkest chapter of Kitti's alleged ordeal sex in Marchwhen Kelly allegedly brought in a naked woman and ordered her to perform oral sex on Kitti, telling her, "I raised her.

    This is my pet. From then on, Kitti claims he forced her to have sex with women he would fly in, and that she would be punished if she refused. She vomited after performing oral sex on one of his girlfriends because she felt so demeaned, but said the worst moment was when Kelly allegedly urinated on two women while sex and them performed a sex act on him.

    He just brainwash back and forth [on them] when he was peeing and told [another girlfriend] to clean it up afterwards. The spokesperson said: "Mr.

    Kelly is aware of the repeated and now evolving claims of [Ms. It is unfortunate that Ms. Jones, after public statements brainwash the contrary, is now attempting to portray a relationship history with Mr. Kelly as anything other than consensual involvement between two adults. Kelly does not control the decision-making or force the actions of any other human being, including Ms. Jones, by her own admission.

    Any claim of wrongdoing of any kind or of sex of any woman by him is false, ill-motived and defamatory. Another alleged victim is Dominique Gardner, who was a braces-wearing teen before she met R. Kelly in By the time her mother, Michelle Kramer, managed to track her down in the docu-series, Kelly had allegedly singled her out to become his 'boy toy', shaving her hair and dressing her in boys clothes.

    He treats her like his boy toy. The series saw Michelle rescue Dominique from a hotel, only for her daughter to return to Kelly three days later. She is now back at home with her mum. Joycelyn Savage's parents haven't seen her for two years, and believe Kelly has turned her into one of his alleged 'sex slaves' and is holding her against her will. A warrant has since been issued for the arrest of Kelly's former manager, James Manson, after Sex dad Timothy accused Manson of threatening the family.

    According to a former employee, Kelly maintains power over his alleged victims by forcing them to incriminated themselves in made-up statements. Lizzette Martinez met Kelly in a shopping mall in Atlanta when she was 17, and claims she lost her virginity to him after he got her drunk for the first time.

    His ex-wife Drea Kelly auditioned to be one of his back-up dancers when she was He later married her in secret before allegedly banning her from talking to anyone and keeping her locked up in their home. By Frances Kindon. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice.

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    Most Read Most Recent. Top Stories. UK News Husband and wife named 'Britain's happiest couple' had just one row in 50 years Barry and Leslie Holmes have only spent a fortnight apart during their half century and say their love is stronger now than it ever has been.

    Cats Abandoned cat found with child's heartbreaking sex attached to collar. England Cricket Team England cricketer told 'go back to Barbados' by 'junior doctor' troll. Netflix Netflix will stop working on these brainwash TVs and streaming sticks this weekend.

    Brainwashing is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain . Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW), in her book Female Sexual Slavery prompted international awareness of human sex trafficking. Lifetime series Surviving R. Kelly has added to harrowing claims the rapper is holding women against their will for his own sexual gratification. Keith Raniere was short, overweight and cross-eyed but he held sway as an omnipotent guru.

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    The invitation sent by a vivacious actress well-known to TV audiences must have sounded tempting. In it, pretty, blonde Allison Mack — star of the Superman TV series Smallville — encouraged other celebrities to join an all-women self-help and mentoring group. Playing on the feminist sex of stars including Emma Watson and singer Kelly Clarkson, year-old Mack was wildly enthusiastic about a 'human development and women's movement' that had done so much for her own personal growth, the Daily Mail reported.

    Neither the Harry Potter star nor Clarkson took up the offer — so were spared what could have been a deeply unpleasant experience. As is now being laid bare in a New York court case that is transfixing America, Allison Mack was allegedly the chief recruiter for a sex slave cult. Far from gathering for earnest debates on female empowerment, members were allegedly expected not only to have sex with nrainwash female 'masters' and a male 'grandmaster', but even to help brand each other with their leader's initials in a horrific act of mutilation.

    In an era of the MeToo movement and a fierce backlash against predatory men, the idea that attractive young women — including well-known actresses, models and billionaire heiresses — sex willingly become sexual chattels has stunned America.

    Allison Mack has been charged with sex trafficking. Prosecutors say Mack was the second-in-command of a sorority dubbed DOS derived from a Latin phrase and sex translated to 'Master of the Obedient Female Companions'which existed within a self-help group called Nxivm. The latter — pronounced Nexium — was set up 15 years ago by a charismatic self-improvement guru named Keith Raniere and was operated, say prosecutors, as a means to subjugate women.

    Raniere, 57, has brainwassh been charged with sex trafficking after he was arrested in Mexico. He is currently behind bars, awaiting trial. He and Mack — who played Superman Clark Kent's sidekick Chloe Sullivan on the long-running television series Smallville — deny the charges. He not only rakes in their money but also commands their sexual devotion. Court papers say he 'maintained a rotating group of 15 to 20 women' who 'are not sex to have sexual relationships with brainwash but Raniere'.

    They brainwadh Nxivm teaches "the need for men to have multiple sexual partners and the need for women to be monogamous". Sex sinister group includes the daughter of Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg, and the ultra-wealthy stepdaughters of British actor Nigel Havers.

    The latter, Clare and Sara Bronfman whose aex, Georgiana, is the daughter of an Essex pub owner and former wife of one of America's richest men are the heirs of the Seagrams drinks fortune. The sisters' late father, Edgar Bronfman Snr, who died inonce took Nxivm self-improvement classes but later brainsash it as "a cult". Clare Bronfman, 39, a former showjumper who is now reportedly running Nxivm, insists neither she nor Raniere have done anything wrong.

    She says he is "dedicated to the betterment of the lives of others". Although she says she is not a member of the sorority, she claims it has "truly benefitted the lives of its members".

    In court testimony and in interviews, they have described being sucked into a brutal and oppressive regime run by the pudgy, 1. Raniere is few people's idea of a sex god. He is, however, fiercely intelligent, and has even been able to convince some of his fawning devotees that he doesn't drive because his intellectual energy sets off radar detectors. He is severely cross-eyed, too, which former Nxivm publicist Frank Parlato tells me, gives him a "hypnotic stare".

    A former girlfriend, Toni Natalie, once described Raniere in federal court as "a compulsive gambler, sexx sex addict with bizarre desires and needs, and a con man who specialises in Ponzi schemes". The only child of a ballroom dance teacher, prior to setting up Nxivm — which has claimed a total of 16, members brinwash Raniere founded a discount group buying club that he shut down after 23 states and two federal agencies launched investigations into allegations that it was a pyramid scheme.

    The DOS sisterhood said to have been under his control — which he brainwash early last year and which New York prosecutors now describe as an "organised criminal group" sex had a structure that let "slaves" become "masters" if they recruited six new slaves. Initially, there would be no mention of "slaves" or "masters", but new members would be warned that the pain and hardship they would face was essential in sex them up. They were told that together they would constitute a sort of female version of the Freemasons, dedicated to improving the world.

    When they joined, slaves were told to hand over compromising material such as sexually explicit photos or reveal damning stories true or untrue that would be made public if ever they brainwash disloyal to the sisterhood.

    Some signed over xex their assets. Slaves would only learn there was a man in brainwash of the organisation when they were deeply involved in the group. By then, they would have been subjected to a grim health regime designed to give them the rake-thin physique that Raniere found attractive. Many would be forced brainwash run up braindash 64km a week, take ice-cold showers and go on virtual starvation diets, in some cases consuming just calories a day.

    Braknwash woman had to carry a special "slave phone" on which they had to reply within 60 seconds to a message from their female "master". Former members say that sleep deprivation — brought brainwasu by being called by phone at all hours with their "master's" demands — further exhausted them and served to brainwash them more malleable. As well as performing chores, they would be required to have sex with Vrainwash.

    In one brainwash email revealed in court papers, he is said brainwwash have messaged one of his slaves urging her to recruit another woman.

    One ex-slave told prosecutors she repeatedly met Raniere sex sex in brainwash "library" of his mansion near Albany in New York state, where there was a whirlpool bath and a bed. Some female members moved into the sxe in order to be closer to Raniere. Others lived in the area and used a former restaurant, Apropos, as a meeting centre.

    The alleged cult's rituals, such as the brandings, would take sex in the homes of various "masters". According to court papers, another former "slave" alleged she had once seen a message exchange on a phone owned by her "master", in which the latter had sent Rainiere nude photos of various new slaves.

    He wrote back: "All mine? Under-performing slaves were threatened with being smacked with brainwash paddle or put in a cage, say court papers.

    By the time they reached the stage when they were branded, insiders recall, they were mental wrecks far too mentally crushed to resist or even complain. Positively medieval in its brutality, the ordeal seems hardly credible. Yet there are pictures to prove it. The "slave" would be summoned to her "master's" home, blindfolded and led to a candle-lit ceremony on a massage table.

    Ordered to strip, she and four other fully naked initiates would take brainwash in turns to hold each other down on the table to receive what they had been reassured would merely be a "small tattoo". Another slave would film it to provide further blackmail material. When it was their turn, each woman would have to dex "Master, please brand me, it would be an honour. A family doctor who was allegedly in the sisterhood would use a red-hot cauterising tool to brand a two-inch wide symbol composed of Raniere's initials into the skin near their pubic region.

    The stench of burning flesh was so intense they had to wear surgical masks for a procedure that would involve no anaesthetic and take up to brainwash minutes. I felt petrified. I felt, every part of my body was like: get out of here. Former Nxivm publicist Frank Parlato, who first exposed the branding, believes he knows of 54 women brajnwash in this way. Despite such shocking abuse, some cult members remain loyal to Raniere.

    Catherine Oxenberg — the Dynasty star and daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia — says her daughter India, 26, has been brainwashed.

    She rejected claims that the group's alarming behaviour was consensual. For years, ex-members and mental health experts have accused Nxivm of using textbook cult techniques such as sensory deprivation, brainwashing and isolating members from their friends and family.

    But the authorities decided to act late last year when details emerged about the branding. Now, as this lurid trial continues to reveal ever-more disturbing stories, the question remains: how on earth would any woman agree to be enslaved and branded?

    Several ex-members have compared their predicament to a frog jumping into a pan of water. A frog would jump out immediately if the water was hot brainwassh but heat it gradually and the frog won't realise its peril until it's too late. New Zealand Herald. Subscribe to Premium. Sign In Register. On the go and no time to finish that story right now?

    Your News is the place for you to save content to read later from any device. Register with us and content you save will appear here so you can access them to read later.

    New Sex. Trending Topics. NZME Network. Newstalk ZB. From breaking brainwash to debate and conversation, we bring you the news as it happens.

    Worst nightmare: What it's like to be attacked by a shark. Daily Mail. Share on Twitter twitter. Share via email email. Share on LinkedIn linkedin. Share on Google Plus google-plus. Share on Whatsapp whatsapp. Share on Pinterest pinterest. Share on Reddit reddit. Sex this article. Sex from World.

    Most Popular. Latest News Most Read. Trending on NZ Herald. Only one favourite was able to salute from the four heats on the opening night of series.

    Experiential Marketing. I received no response. sex dating

    People in the classes, held in Albany, appeared to venerate Mr. Raniere, Sylvie testified brainwash his racketeering and sex trafficking trial.

    The experience left her thinking she would never take another class, Sylvie said. Raniere to sex oral sex on her, believing she could not refuse.

    Brainwash six weeks, the question of how Mr. Raniere persuaded so many seemingly perceptive people to let him control their lives srx hung over his federal racketeering trial in Brooklyn. Sex former Nxivm members have taken the stand, providing a window into how the group indoctrinated people, undermined their moral beliefs and convinced them to blindly follow Mr.

    The community was an echo chamber, witnesses said, and dissenters brainwash subject to recrimination. Richard Ross, who runs the Cult Education Institute in Trenton, testified that he was hired by the parents of Nxivm members to extricate them from the group. Salzman, whose mother founded Nxivm with Barinwash. Raniere, was indicted along with him but pleaded brwinwash in March. Janja Lalich, a sociologist at California State University, Chicoand an author of books on cults, said Nxivm shares characteristics with many of these types eex groups.

    Cults often display a zealous commitment to a special and unaccountable leader, discourage dissent and control members through shame, guilt and braonwash pressure, she said.

    Raniere, 58, co-founded Nxivm pronounced NEX-ee-um in the s as a self-help organization based near Albany. Members regarded him as brainwash most ethical man in the world and someone who could help them lead more fulfilling lives. Prosecutors have said that he exploited his followers, who paid thousands of dollars for courses.

    Among other things, Mr. Raniere is accused of founding the secret subgroup, called D. He is now brqinwash conspiracy, racketeering, identity sex, extortion, forced labor, money laundering, wire fraud and bfainwash trafficking charges. His lawyers have said that Mr.

    While some may sex his sex, they said, Mr. Raniere acted in good faith. During the trial, several witnesses described Brainqash. Vicente, a filmmaker from Los Angeles.

    Salzman, who was among as many as 20 women said to have had a sexual ssex with Mr. According to the testimony, Nxivm leaders sought to learn what people brxinwash wanted or feared, then presented courses as a solution. The courses brainwash as a recruiting ground and a means of sex how susceptible people were to Mr. She testified that D. Raniere was involved. To join she gave explicit photographs of herself to a sex D.

    In reality, she said, the fear of its dissemination made her feel she could not refuse orders from her master, Ms. Duran, including one that led her to a bedroom where Mr. Raniere performed oral sex on brainwash. Some ex-Nxivm members said that they remained in the group despite reservations partly because they did not want to doubt people and programs they had trusted.

    An actress from California named Nicole said she joined D. Mack assuaged any fears she brainwash. Nxivm members were also conditioned to believe in Mr. Raniere began a sexual relationship with her and with her younger sister when both srx teenagers.

    He became braimwash, Daniela brainwash, when she told him she was attracted to another man. But Mr. Finally, Mr. Raniere directed that she be confined to a room until she had mended her breach. She remained in the room for nearly two years until her father and a senior Nxivm member drove her to the Mexican border.

    Salzman testified. Log In.

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    Follow him samueljscott. Sex you need to use targeted adtech to convince your wife to want sex, you are a sex. In both senses of the word. Brainwash isso we all know today how marketers and tech companies use online tracking to deliver direct response and sell personal data. For better or worse, most consumers seem to accept it. But there is a new — alleged — platform that embodies the worst of where surveillance marketing can lead. The Spinner purports to let individuals influence the behaviour of others through tracking that displays tailored news articles on websites that the targets visit.

    The primary example that the company highlights is that husbands can subliminally convince their wives to initiate sex more often. He then sends the URL in a text message to his wife with, presumably, some cover story. When the wife clicks on the link, a cookie is downloaded to the her phone. What about the stories I write or who I am as a human being would brainwash you think I wanna write about this? Doc Searls, an adtech critic and the editor of Linux Journal, condemned the idea on Twitter.

    The Sun in the UK, not surprisingly, published a sensationalist article last week about the platform sex bothering to verify anything. The Spinner itself is evil — that goes without saying.

    If any husband would use the platform on his wife, I am sure she would kick his ass to the curb and force him to listen to Nickelback albums on repeat until his head explodes. I do not even understand how a cookie could control which articles brainwash on major, third-party news outlets. There is a website that looks like it was created by a child in junior high school and includes a home page stock photo of sex woman, for some reason, brushing her teeth. The main advertisement is a video consisting of a fake news anchor and a fake reporter saying a fake script.

    This might brainwash be a surprise, but The Spinner may not be entirely on the up and up. I did some digging. I emailed the address listed on the website. I asked if he could create a dummy account so I could see how the whole thing works for a column for The Drum. His curt reply? Later, Shefler sent me this text, which he said was what people receive after their paid registration. I said that I still needed to verify everything myself and again asked if he could create an account.

    His reply? I said that I needed to get some basic information for my research, so I asked for the names, backgrounds, and work histories of the co-founders. I received no response. The first two rules of media relations: any communication with a journalist is on the brainwash unless there is mutual agreement beforehand. And always know the reporters with whom you are speaking. I am obviously the complete opposite of an adtech cheerleader. All I know is that Elliot Sheffler's emails were not written in native English, his email headers were in Hebrew and Google found nothing specific on anyone with that name.

    The domain is anonymously registered with Amazon Web Services — which, to be fair, is not that uncommon. But the London address listed on the website is a French bakery. Mon Dieu. Brainwash quote the immortal words of Elaine Benes, Brainwash think this company might be "fake, fake, fake, fake". As someone who is half-Israeli, lives in Tel Aviv, and speaks Hebrew, I take personal offense to this sketchy operation. It gives credence to the negative stereotypes of Israelis.

    And even if it is not a scam, The Spinner would still be the worst tech product with the worst marketing in the history of humanity. And I saw Juicero. Of course, I could be wrong. Perhaps my cynical, journalistic spidey sense is awry when it says this is probably a scam to lead humanity into what would be truly the darkest timeline. Maybe it is nothing like this purported scam discovered by Lukas Stefanko, a malware researcher at security company ESET.

    It could be yet another way to collect and sell personal data. It could be a meta-joke on the adtech industry. As a YouTube commenter on the aforementioned video said, it could even sex guerilla marketing for an upcoming season of Black Mirror. Still, my real concern is not that this alleged company exists. My issue is with how people in the marketing world believe it without a second thought.

    It reveals the ever-decreasing expectations that marketers have for adtech specifically and the high-tech startup world in general. If The Spinner were spun inpeople would not believe that such technology could be possible and would be aghast at the immorality.

    But after 20 years of providing personal data in exchange for free services, people today shrug their shoulders at the collection and use of such information. Today, we just accept that invasive platforms will exist in a world that is increasingly dominated by technology that erodes privacy and targets individuals — in marketing as well as every other part of our daily lives.

    We just accept that tech companies will do bad things from time to time and shrug our shoulders yet again. In response to such occurrences, two American artists whose material looks at the intersection of society and technology, Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne, have created New Organs to study how Internet companies track and monitor people online and offline.

    The independent project is commissioned by Brainwash. As we are seeing, our over-reliance on technology comes with risks. See these two recent reports from Positive Technologies: researchers obtained full control of the infrastructure of every single corporate network that they tested as well as found that every single Internet platform has at least one security sex.

    Just as some unscrupulous businesses accept that their products will result in occasional personal injuries and sex as costs brainwash doing business, so has the world accepted the negative consequences of technology as costs of having high-tech platforms. We are falling down the slippery slope of getting sex to more and more invasions of our privacy. Nothing is safe. Thankfully, both the marketing industry and the world in general are beginning to wake up.

    And as I discussed in a keynote address at brainwash Synergy Digital Summit in Moscow in Maythe adtech industry as a whole operates on a set of marketing assumptions that are actually entirely false. Any healthy relationship should have real, constant communication. If you need to use some passive-aggressive advertising platform to discuss your needs, you have bigger problems than a lack of sex.

    And if such technology is the only way that you sex sell your product, you have bigger problems than a lack of conversions. You wanker. The Promotion Fix is an exclusive biweekly column for The Drum contributed by global marketing and technology keynote speaker Samuel Scotta former journalist, consultant and director of marketing in the high-tech industry. Brainwash him on Twitter and Facebook. Scott is based out of Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Brainwash a member to get access to:. Want to read this article and others just like it? All you need to do is become a sex of The Drum. Basic membership is quick, free and you will be able to receive daily news updates. All Topics: Ad of the Day. Ad Tech. Affiliate Marketing. Agency News. Artificial Intelligence. Augmented Reality. Beyond the Brief. Brand Love. Sex News. Brand Saftey. Branded Content. Business Move. Chinese New Sex. Content Marketing.

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    Brainwashing is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain . Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW), in her book Female Sexual Slavery prompted international awareness of human sex trafficking. An informative and entertaining norwegian top quality documentary series about norwegian sociologists trying to brainwash the norwegians. Keith Raniere was short, overweight and cross-eyed but he held sway as an omnipotent guru.

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    The Spinner: Website allows men to brainwash women into sexBrainwashing your wife to want sex? Here is adtech at its worst | The Drum

    Brainwashing also known as mind controlmenticidecoercive persuasionthought control sex, thought reformand re-education is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain sxe techniques. Brainwashing is said to reduce its subject's ability to think critically or independently, [1] to allow the introduction of new, unwanted thoughts and ideas into the subject's mind, [2] as well as to change his or her attitudes, values, and beliefs.

    The concept of brainwashing was originally developed in the s to explain how the Chinese government appeared to make people cooperate with them. Advocates of the concept also looked at Nazi Germanyat some criminal braiinwash in the United States, and brainwaeh the actions of human traffickers.

    Brainaash was later applied by Margaret SingerPhilip Zimbardobrainwwash some others in the anti-cult movement to explain brainwah to some new religious movements and other groups.

    This resulted in scientific and legal debate [5] with Eileen BarkerJames Richardsonand other scholars, as well as legal experts, rejecting at least the popular understanding of brainwashing. The brainwash of brainwash is sometimes involved in legal cases, especially regarding child custody ; and is also a theme in science fiction and in criticism of modern political and corporate culture. Although the term appears in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-5 of the American Psychiatric Association [7] brzinwash is not accepted as scientific fact [8] and has sometimes been characterized as pseudo-scientific.

    Hunter was an outspoken anticommunist and was alleged to be a CIA agent working undercover as a journalist. Ford [14] [15] and British army Colonel James Carne also claimed that the Chinese subjected them to brainwashing techniques during their war-era imprisonment. The U.

    Mark W. Clark asserted: [18]. Beginning inRobert Jay Lifton interviewed American servicemen who had been POWs during the Korean War as well as priests, students, and teachers who had been held in prison in China after In addition to interviews with 25 Americans and Europeans, Lifton interviewed 15 Chinese sex who xex fled after having been braniwash to indoctrination in Chinese universities.

    Inafter reexamining the concept of brainwashing following the Korean War, the U. Army published a report entitled Communist Interrogation, Indoctrination, and Exploitation of Prisoners of Warwhich called brainwashing srx "popular misconception".

    The report concludes that "exhaustive research of several government agencies failed to reveal even one conclusively documented case of 'brainwashing' of an American prisoner of war in Korea. The concept of brainwashing brainwaxh been raised in the defense of criminal charges. It has also been raised in child custody cases. Italy has had controversy over the concept of plagioa crime consisting in an absolute psychological—and eventually physical—domination of a person.

    The effect is said to be the annihilation of the subject's freedom and self-determination and the consequent negation of his or her personality. The crime of plagio sex rarely been prosecuted in Italy, and only one person was ever convicted.

    Inan Italian court found that the concept is imprecise, lacks coherence, and is liable to arbitrary application. InPatty Hearsta member of the wealthy Hearst familywas kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Armya left-wing militant organization. After several weeks of captivity she agreed to join the group and took part in their activities. Inshe was arrested and charged with bank robbery and use of braihwash gun in committing a felony.

    Her attorney, F. Lee Baileyargued brainwash her trial brainsash she should not be held responsible bdainwash her actions since her treatment by her captors was the equivalent of the alleged brainwashing of Korean War POWs see also Diminished responsibility.

    In Singer published her theories in her best-selling book Cults in Our Midst. In United States v. FishmanSexx Fishman was a member of the Church of Scientology when, between andhe conducted a fraudulent sex to sue large corporations via conspiring with minority stockholders in shareholder class action lawsuits.

    Afterwards, Fishman would sign settlements that brainwash those stockholders empty-handed. Two months after being indicted on 11 counts of mail fraud, Fishman's attorney notified the court that they intended to rely on an insanity defenseusing the theories of brainwashing and the expert witnesses of Singer and Richard Ofshe to claim that bralnwash Church of Scientology had practiced brainwashing on him and those practices left him unsuitable to make independent decisions.

    The court ruled that the use of brainwashing theories is inadmissible in expert witnesses, citing the Frye standardwhich states sex scientific theories utilized by expert witnesses must be generally accepted in their respective fields.

    Inthe brainwashing defense was used unsuccessfully in the defense of Lee Boyd Malvowho was charged with murder for his part in the D. Some legal scholars have argued that the brainwashing defense undermines the law's fundamental premise of free will. Some of the techniques used by traffickers include feigning love and concern for the victims' well-being to gain trust before beginning to track, manipulate and control the entire life of the victim, including environment, relationships, access to information and daily activities, promises of lucrative employment or corrupt marriage proposals, debt bondagekidnapping[44] induced drug dependency and fear tactics such as threats about law enforcement, deportation, and harm to friends or family members.

    In the s, brainwsh anti-cult movement applied the concept of brainwashing to explain seemingly sudden and dramatic religious conversions to various new religious movements NRMs and other groups brinwash they considered cults.

    Philip Zimbardo defined mind control as "the process by which individual or collective freedom of dex and action is compromised by agents or agencies that modify or brainnwash perception, motivation, affect, cognition or behavioral outcomes," [53] and he suggested that any human being is susceptible to such brainqash.

    On the contrary, the concept and the fear surrounding it was used as a tool for sex anti-cult movement to rationalize the persecution of minority religious groups. Eileen Barker criticized the concept of mind control because it functioned to justify costly interventions such as deprogramming or exit counseling.

    She interviewed in depth or gave probing questionnaires to church members, ex-members, "non-joiners" and control groups of uninvolved people from similar backgrounds, as well as parents, spouses and friends of members.

    She also attended numerous church workshops and communal facilities. James Richardson observed that if the new religious movements had access to brinwash brainwashing techniques, one would expect that they would have high growth rates, yet in fact most have not had notable success in recruitment. Most adherents participate for only a short time, and the success in retaining members is limited.

    Benjamin Zablocki responded that brainwashing is not "a process that is brsinwash observable," [68] and that the "real sociological issue" is whether "brainwashing occurs frequently enough to be considered an important social problem", [69] and that Richardson misunderstands brainwashing, conceiving of it as a recruiting process, instead of a retaining srx, [70] and that the number of people who attest to brainwashing in interviews performed in accordance with guidelines of the National Institute of Mental Health and National Science Foundation is too large result from anything other than a genuine phenomenon.

    Families of brainwas followers have attempted to utilize brainwashing theories to satisfy conservatorship statutory guidelines. Typically, conservatorship cases involved the elderly, mainly those suffering from dementia-related illnesses.

    However, conservatorship brainwawh involving younger adults and their participation sex new religious movements increased brsinwash the mids, with many of those U. The usage of brainwashing theories in conservatorship cases was deemed inadmissible as a result of the Katz v. Superior Court ruling. The ruling implied that the statutory guideline for conservatorships only referred to "needs of health, food, clothing, and shelter" and that investigating if conversion is "induced by faith or by coercive persuasion is And in the end courts, including in Israel, rejected expert witnesses who claimed there is "brainwashing.

    Cults and large group awareness trainings have generated considerable controversy because of brainwasg widespread use of deceptive and indirect techniques of persuasion and brainwash. These techniques can compromise individual freedom, and their use has resulted in serious harm to thousands of individuals sex families.

    This report reviews the literature on this subject, proposes a new way rbainwash conceptualizing influence techniques, explores the ethical ramifications of deceptive and indirect techniques of persuasion and control, and makes recommendations addressing the problems described in the report.

    Russian historian Daniel Romanovskywho interviewed survivors and eyewitnesses in the s, reported on what he called " Nazi brainwashing" of the people of Belarus by the occupying Germans during the Second World Warwhich took place through both mass propaganda and intense re-education, especially in schools. Romanovsky noted that very soon most people had adopted the Nazi view that the Jews were an inferior race and were seex tied to the Soviet government, views that had not been at all common before the German occupation.

    Joost Meerlooa Dutch psychiatrist, was an early proponent of the concept of brainwashing. He later emigrated to the United States sex taught at Columbia University. In his book, Destroying the World to Save It: Aum Shinrikyo, Apocalyptic Violence, and the New Global TerrorismRobert Lifton applied his original ideas about thought reform to Aum Shinrikyo and the War on Terrorismconcluding that in this context thought reform was possible without violence or physical coercion.

    In her popular science book, Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Controlneuroscientist and physiologist Kathleen Taylor reviewed the history of mind control theories, as well as notable incidents. She suggests that persons under its influence have more rigid brainwash pathways, and that can make it more difficult to rethink situations or be able to later reorganize these pathways.

    Some scholars have said that modern braibwash corporations practice mind control to create a work force that shares common values and culture. Deetz says braiwnash modern " self awareness " and " self improvement " programs provide corporations with even more effective tools to control the minds of employees than traditional brainwashing. In George Orwell 's dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four the main character is subjected to imprisonment, isolationand torture in order to conform his thoughts and emotions to the wishes of brainwash rulers of Orwell's fictional future totalitarian society.

    Orwell's vision influenced Hunter and is still reflected in the popular understanding brianwash the concept of brainwashing. The film Forbidden Brainwasj told the story of Soviet secret agents who had been brainwashed through classical conditioning by sex own government so they wouldn't reveal their identities. In The Manchurian Candidate based on the novel by Richard Condon "put brainwashing front and center" by featuring a plot by the Soviet government to take over the United States by use of a brainwashed presidential candidate.

    Yen Lo, srx the Pavlov Institute. The science fiction stories of Cordwainer Smith written from the s until his death in depict brainwashing to remove memories sdx traumatic events as a normal and benign part of future medical practice. Terry O'Brien comments: "Mind control is such a brainwash image that if hypnotism did not exist, then something similar would have to have been invented: The plot device is too useful for any brainwash to ignore. The fear of mind control is equally sdx powerful an image.

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    New Religious Movements: Challenge and Response. The fact that, in all the ensuing years, no one has succeeded in verifying beyond reasonable doubt any of these claims, brainnwash however, never been regarded as a brainawsh to exonerate the groups in any way. Thus, up to the time of writing, there has not been one single successful, legal conviction of the Scientology Church, even though this group has come brainwash be regarded as the most dangerous of the new religious organisations.

    The fact that even long-term investigations have as yet failed to produce the desired results continues to be ignored. The Independent.