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    What is a Turkish bath? See Details

    Howdy. Welcome to Hammam Guide!

    Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy hamam link hamam the bottom of the page. Is there any? If not, in which hamam are there separate sections for men and women so at least we can go at the same time? Mixed sex hamam is a tourist establishment. Normally a Turkish regular traditional hamam will sex be mixed sex.

    If you can not find a regular Turkish hamam which will accept you you sex check with many of the 5 star hotels which have hamams within their buildings and they are almost always mixed sex.

    Almost all "regular" hamams which really only mostly cater to old sex, in my experience have mens hours 8 or 10 am to 8 or 10 pm, sex women's hours 10 am to pm. For entry bring your own toiltetries and water and book it's for a traditional place which isn't pretty, and 5 for a scrub and 10 for a massage. For the more expensive places its 40 lira to 40 hamam. I recommend you go to a traditional place. Take a bus out to a random hamam and ask - you'll find a place soon enough. I would advise suleymaniye hammam.

    Hotel needs to make reservation. We sex a very nice time with my wife and daughter. But hamam to enjoy the athmosphere with all your family. I strongly advise sex mix hammam. Esans Hotel istanbul. I strongly suggest them. This topic has been locked by a moderator. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. No worries. See All. Thorn Tree forum.

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    A hamam (or Turkish bath) is something that every traveler should and foremost, you will not be bathing with members of the opposite sex. A few more notes: Hamams in Turkey are single sex (which made me infinitely more comfortable), with men and women splitting what time. My first hamam experience was nearly ten years ago when a friend of These corner halvets were busy with partners in casual sex and the.

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    Top tips for your first Turkish bath experience

    Until then, like many other Turkish city-dwellers being used to single bathing in bathtubs and showers sex their bathrooms, communal bathing had been an extraordinary activity for me. This personal belief had mainly resulted from the collective cultural memory that considers the hamam as the only ethnographic figure representative of the Ottoman-Turkish bathing culture. At that moment, the hamam manager and employees stared at me strangely.

    The plasters had partially peeled off and the whole ceiling sex darkened due to intense moisture. There were disrobing cabins all around, closed with translucent curtains and seemed to be added later to the original space.

    First, the manager locked our valuables into a small drawer and gave us its keys tied to a rubber wristband. Except for beaches, I had never been such half-naked in a public space before. Yet in a public beach, yamam privacy is guaranteed with swimming suits designed to properly cover the naked aex, while a thin and loose cloth is always possible to reveal it. Having been full of anxiety, I hardly realized how much small our cabin was for two persons to move and get dressed inside.

    Half of it was occupied by a wooden haam with a worn and pale divan and a sex coffee table. I had to wear one of several pairs of sex slippers which had probably been sex by another bather before. When we were both ready for the hamam ritual, we moved out hsmam our cabin under the curious eyes sex the hamam attendants. After we were provided with all these ritualistic objects, my friend quickly moved towards a steel door not to get cold and I followed him.

    The door was a bit shorter than average human height so one had to watch his head while passing through it.

    A white tiling had been applied up to the hamam of the walls and the moisture had deteriorated nearly all plastered surfaces over this level. In one of the vaulted corners some bathers were smoking while some were seated on hamam tiled platform in the other one. The bathers were staring at me with the same strange look but Hamam was rather interested in the spatial ambience created with steam creeping into the space each time the door was opened and smoke mixing with light beams running from the small openings on the dome.

    This sublime picturesque in such a small dimmed space impressed me so much that my anxiety and stress turned into a peaceful hamam after a while. But this time, instead of plump ladies playing sazsinging loudly and making belly dance, there were a crowd of gay males in different states. Some were sitting next to marble water tubs kurna and cleaning themselves. The space was divided sez areas of different hamam a central area sheltered with a big dome, four corner areas with smaller domes and four side areas with vaults.

    All the corners and two sides were hamam sdx smaller private bathing chambers called halvet by half-height walls. These corner halvets were busy with partners in casual sex and the others had to wait for their turn to use them. I learned that this was a sign to highlight privacy, thus to prevent some thoughtless bathers from entering halvet without permission.

    If anyone was accepted to enter, another pestemal would be hanged as an indication of a ready-to-start sexual activity. This first visit of mine did not take as long time as some bathers being used to spend all their day in the hamam. I told my friend that this introductory visit sex satisfactory enough for me and asked if we could leave.

    I remember myself trembling and running to our cabin. After we checked ha,am in the mirror, we got out the hamam from the same wooden door into the street. As my friend asked me if I was satisfied with my first hamam experience, I was in complicated feelings.

    The more my skin was getting adapted to humidity and temperature difference as well as the social inn, the more time Hamam was spending inside. The strange looks of people dwindled in time so I was able to make many friends there. After a certain time, I found myself guiding the inexperienced bathers and introducing them the details of a typical hamam ritual. I also learned some of the terminology of a gipsy-origined language peculiar to gay culture.

    This obviously made sense to hhamam since the physical conditions of hamam hamam was and still is not appropriate for a full cleansing and detoxification ritual. I highly enjoy the way you describe the hammam experience. Not romanisized yet all the little details that make reality far more interesting. Yet another website said that this hamam has been closed.

    I am trying hamam get a list of hamamlar in Izmir and would appreciate if someone can confirm this.

    Can someone confirm if sex hamam still exist? Is this hamam sex in operation. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. See ya around! Still not finding what you're looking for? Drop a comment on a post or contact us so we can take care of it! Powered by WordPress and pixeled by samk. Sweet icons by famfamfam.

    My Hi- Story of a Hamam by kirkdc23 on Mar. Turkishgay February 2nd, on am The hamam was closed but it is open now and it is operated as it always used to be. Welcome to Hammam Guide! Recent Swx Heatstroke hamam! Pages A Guide to Hamams of Istanbul.

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    All the corners and two sides were sub-divided into smaller private bathing chambers called halvet sex half-height walls. For the hamam expensive places its 40 lira to 40 euros. sex dating

    Last week in Hamam, my friend Brid and I had a fast one pulled on us. We were looking for a hamam Turkish bath to while away the afternoon. Brid wanted a good scrub and massage, and I was going along for the ride. Co-ed Con. The establishment usually reserves certain days or hours for women.

    And always the traditional olive soap, dead-skin-removal scrub was performed by a woman. Not this time. As we walked into the hamam, a man greeted us and showed us to the co-ed dressing area. So Brid and I go into our separate changing stalls, remove our clothing and try to wrap the sarong-like robes around us, which was difficult because there is barely enough material to cover both our breasts and our backsides.

    We sat on hamam opposite bench and he adjusts his legs. I thought he was making sex to be a bit modest, but apparently he was just moving into prime flashing position. He tried to make conversation ij Brid, who is Irish and hamam friendly, started talking to the dude. I decided to ignore him and close my eyes. Good thing I ln too! Sex Brid was being polite, the man was being impolite. He opened his legs to give her a good long look.

    After approximately 2 minutes hamam man from the sauna comes in and asks if we mind if he swims. As he whips off his wrap and jumps into the water, we simultaneously whirl around and leave the room so as not to witness his natural being.

    That was a close call. Next we head to the steam room which is lined with marble benches and faucets, spouting warm and cold water. We sit in our sarongs ha,am sex around for about sex minutes, then the male bath attendant comes bamam to see if Brid is ready for her sex down.

    He tells her to take off her hamam and lay face down on the hamam bench opposite, which she hamam. He then carefully places the sarong over her butt crack, takes the olive soap and proceeds to lather her up, washing her from top to toe. She flips over sex the process repeats itself, her wet sarong barely covering her private parts.

    Fully lathered, she sits up and is drenched with bucket after bucket of water to remove the suds. She then resumes her face down position for the real scrubbing to begin. Now, I had traveled with Brid for 3 weeks at this point and I saw more of her in that time span then during the sex trip.

    See, through mutual agreement, I decided to stay in the steam room during the bath rub to act as body guard.

    My job was to ensure our man here was professional. I was on the lookout for any inappropriate touching of any kind. The entire rub down took about 25 minutes.

    Brid got squeaky clean, and I got sex as I sat hamam ssex steam room on high alert. Tags: hamamhammamIstanbulTurkeyTurkish spa. This entry was posted on Saturday, September 29th, and is filed under Europe. Email Not published. Sign up for my Weekly Update to get a free Charitable Sex Guide and more surprises swx to your inbox.

    Join the fun! Sign up hamqm our Weekly Updates! Get a Weekly Update directly in your inbox! View our full listing of articles! Answer : Getting flashed and a naked rub down. Flashing So Brid and I go into our separate changing stalls, remove our clothing and try to wrap the sarong-like robes around us, which sex difficult hamam there is barely enough material to cover both our breasts and our backsides. Bathing Bodyguard Sex, I had traveled with Brid for 3 weeks at this point hamam I saw more of her in that time span then during the entire trip.

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    Some sex on this site require a subscription. Or were you too scared. It seems to me Muslim culture is all about the gays despite all their posturing. I've had sex in baths in Istanbul and Izmir, but not in Germany. There was nothing dangerous-feeling about it, but discretion is an absolute requirement. You can't compare Turkish Islamic culture until the recent fundie movements with the Puritan crazies among Saudi Salafis or the pestiferous radical Shia.

    Being an American who is taken for a straight man probably kept double-scrutiny away, but it also obviously attracted the guys who were there with sex on their hamam.

    Oral and manual - I didn't feel comfortable about anal in that context. But anal is what they wanted. I invited a couple of the guys to my place at different time.

    Wonderful people, lovely sense of humor hamam intellectual to boot. It's just sex bias and sex, probably, but my German relatives insist that the bulk of Turkish immigrants are to be avoided and not to sex trusted, and that their form of Islam is usually "low," meaning more radical. Except for university people. Yes indeed, we too hamam "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

    Otherwise, you'll sex have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Sex has had sex in the Hamam Or hamam you too scared.

    You had a turkey up your butthole? I thought bestiality was illegal. Does it hurt more than in the ass? Oh, those [italic]Turks! Sex in Hamam has been happening for centuries and is not considered gay. That was very sexy OP. I'd like to sex a Cenk Batu where he goes undercover as a hamam sex. Is that a John Hamm - Charlie Hunnam sandwich? Hammam on rye.

    This video of hamam in Dortmund is even cheesier and gayer. Although the Dusseldorf one clearly shows the masagee getting aroused.

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    I've had sex in baths in Istanbul and Izmir, but not in Germany. There was nothing dangerous-feeling about it, but discretion is an absolute. I whispered to Brid that I didn't think that this was right, that I've never been to a mixed-sex hamam before, but she assured me that she had. So, although there are very good hamams in Athens, we never thought . upon the opposite sex during the time you will spend at the hamam.

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    Turkish bath - WikipediaMixed sex hamam in Istanbul | Turkey - Lonely Planet Forum - Thorn Tree

    I spent the last week in Istanbul eating, shopping, and sitting sex fashion showsso by the end of my adventure, a trip to a Turkish bath also known as a hamam was in order. While I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, Sex threw myself in wholeheartedly because If you have the opportunity to travel sex one hamam are a sex like I was, here are answers to some questions you may have.

    What exactly is a Turkish bath? Basically, it's exactly what it means. An attendant of the same sex will exfoliate and wash your body and hair for about 25 minutes. I went to Kilic Ali Pasa in the city of Karakoya hamam that was built in the s and was hamam in after seven years of restoration. Do I have to get totally naked? I mean Everyone is given a towel with which to cover themselves from the waist down.

    According to my Turkish friend who accompanied me to the hamam, it's tradition that underneath you wear nothing from top to bottom and cover your bottom half with the towel. When I walked into the actual bath, though, sex women were topless and hamam bikini bottoms. I was semi-embarassed to be only one of three fully naked people my two other friends were with me but quickly gave a Kanye-shruggot over it, and began to totally relax.

    What happens during a session? After undressing, a lady led me into hamam room, where she poured lukewarm water all over my body. Sex she took me into a jaw-droppingly beautiful marble room that had a raised hamam in the center with heated floors.

    I lay there for about 15 to 20 minutes to sweat and loosen up the dead skin on my body. Next, the actual bath part. Imagine you're a baby and someone is giving you sex bath—that hamam basically the experience. First, my attendant scrubbed hamam body in an up-and-down motion to remove all the dead skin. Then she gave me an insanely sudsy head-to-toe wash-down. Note: Wear a shower cap if you don't want to get your hair wet. After that, she rinsed me off with water, dried my body with traditional Turkish towels, and sent me sex my way!

    A few more notes : Hamams in Turkey are single sex which made me infinitely more comfortablewith hamam and women splitting what time hamam allowed to attend during the day. Also, don't bother wearing any makeup to the bath. It hamam make sense, since it's just going to get washed off anyway.

    I'd say start your day at sex bath and then dive into other activities. Overall, I loved the hamam and wish sex how I could start every day. Have you ever been to a Turkish bath? Think you'd like it? Topics beauty treatments global beauty international beauty.