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    By Tyler Oakley, Korey Kuhl, and Cadence13

    Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently korey off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Free to read. Neonatal status epilepticus SE is often associated with adverse cognitive and epilepsy outcomes.

    FluoroJadeB staining assessed hippocampal injury. Anticonvulsant effects of phenobarbital were preserved and potentiated in specific groups depending on sex, type, and age at EL event. In contrast, on flurothyl seizures, EL events showed either beneficial or no effect, depending on gender, se, and age at EL events.

    Neonatal SE in humans is usually associated with poor neurological outcome and increases the risk of subsequent neurodevelopmental dysfunction and epilepsy 34. Etiology, age, prior seizures or epilepsy, and seizure types at onset are among the factors that determine outcome in humans, as well as in animals, after SE 567891011 korrey, 121314 Early cessation of depolarizing GABA A R signaling may disrupt neuronal differentiation, as shown for the development of excitatory dendritic spines 242526 PN4—6 is a very immature developmental stage, considered as equivalent to premature neonatal, as indicated by the presence of depolarizing GABA A R responses in many brain regions morey.

    The offspring from timed pregnant Korrey rats Taconic farms, Inc. The korey of birth was defined as PN0. Seizure induction or maternal separation was applied at PN4—6 koorey PN14— They were koeey returned to the dam.

    Rat pups remained with their mothers ssx they were weaned at PN21, and they were housed with two to three littermates of the same sex until the end of the experiments. Experimental design. Panels A — D depict the sequence of experimental steps in the various experimental parts of our study. KA, kainic acid; SE, status epilepticus. SE was induced with intraperitoneal i. Because incremental doses are necessary in consequent days to develop SE Sex 17the following doses jorey KA were used: 1.

    The selected doses of KA induced SE at all age groups. At PN14—16, KA induced bouts of scratching followed by episodes of unilateral forelimb clonus and tonic—clonic seizures lasting at least 1. These groups are called SS and SS 14— No behavioral seizures were observed in these separated groups. The Barnes maze is a validated test often used for the assessment of spatial learning and memory in rodents and exploits the natural inclination of small rodents to escape to a dark environment when placed in an open area under bright illumination.

    To avoid pups jumping off the table, a paper wall with visual cues was fixed around the periphery of the table. Rats underwent three learning sessions per day during PN16—PN19 12 learning trialskorry that they could recognize and enter the target hole.

    In the afternoon of PN19 fourth day korey testingretention was tested in three sessions. Rats were returned to their cage after seizures resolved. Controls received vehicle injections instead of Li chloride or pilocarpine and were monitored for the same periods as rats undergoing SE without access to food or water.

    Further subdivisions of the scores were used e. This scale was utilized as a means to compare the extent of hippocampal regions with injured neurons. Briefly, rats were placed in an airtight chamber 9. Flurothyl seizure threshold for the first clonic sed tonic seizure was determined as the sed of flurothyl administered until sx occurrence of each of these seizure types: threshold for seizure propagation was calculated as the difference between the tonic and clonic thresholds.

    Statistical comparison of the Barnes maze sex and flurothyl seizure thresholds performed with a linear korey model taking into consideration that each rat contributed repeated measures across the different trials.

    All korey showed learning, koey is decreasing latencies to find the target during the course of the sex sessions. A and B Effects on learning trials. Learning trials consisted of three daily sessions on PN 16— C and D Effects on retention trials. No differences were observed among groups.

    No differences were observed on retention sessions among KASSand control groups. A Effects on latencies to seizure onset. B Effects on seizure occurrence sex PN A random subset of rats were observed on PN 20 i.

    CONFisher's exact test. Among females, SS rats manifested more commonly spontaneous seizures six of seven rats, C Effects on survival after Li—pilocarpine SE. The only statistical significant difference sex observed between female CON The numbers of rats studied are depicted on the bars A — C or at the legend D. All groups showed injury at the hilus, but the SS females showed more injury at the CA 3 pyramidal layer. KA, kainic acid. We did not find any correlation between seizure scores and mortality.

    All the rats injected with Li—pilocarpine developed bilateral dex seizures stage 4 or higher that were continuous till the time of pentobarbital injection. Among these, Overall Among rats with GTCs, A Effects of phenobarbital pretreatment on clonic seizure thresholds. Neither sex nor EL treatment had sx significant okrey.

    B Effects of phenobarbital pretreatment on tonic seizure thresholds. C Effects of phenobarbital pretreatment on seizure propagation thresholds. The majority Dose dependency could not be documented. Only the following exceptions were observed. The numbers below each koey indicate the number of rats tested in each experimental group. Despite the more severe seizures in both male and female KA compared to KA 14—16 rats, only male KA 14—16 rats showed higher clonic thresholds than KA Among CON, males showed longer completion times of the first trials than females, without further differences in learning.

    KA or SS males had transient deceleration of learning. Female KA sex SS rats, in contrast, showed slow onset of learning but normal learning se. However, in the Li—pilocarpine model, PN19 males had longer latencies korrey first clonic seizure than females significant only in CON. This was due to a korey of males with longer latencies, suggesting a role of genetic or other individual susceptibility factors, which could delay the maturation of the networks controlling limbic seizures in males [reviewed in Ref.

    Slower maturation of regions involved in seizure expression and control e. In support of the immaturity hypothesis, our previous study of young adult rats subjected to Li—pilocarpine SE did not yield any differences in latencies sx first clonus between males and kodey females In contrast, shorter latencies korsy higher incidence of full limbic seizures have been reported in adult male rats exposed to Li—pilocarpine SE compared to females 5455but these studies were not controlled for the different hormonal environments during the estrous cycle phases Early life SE or maternal separation had no significant effect on latencies or thresholds to seizures, korrey either model, except that male KA 14—16 rats—but not KA —had increased thresholds to flurothyl clonic seizures.

    In contrast, PN2—9 maternally separated rats had similar pentylenetetrazole seizure threshold compared to controls on PN In summary, these studies indicate that a variety sdx factors may determine outcomes after early maternal separation, including age when this occurs, period till subsequent seizure testing, sex, and possibly the type of seizure tested. Male KA rats had lower incidence sex spontaneous motor seizures the day after Li—pilocarpine SE, whereas mortality or ensuing hippocampal injury were unaffected.

    PN20 seizures may reflect either unresolved SE or seizure recurrence. This is further corroborated by the higher injury scores in the CA3 area in this group. These findings also highlight that changes in seizure thresholds do kodey predict seizure persistence, ensuing hippocampal injury or mortality and may not be sufficient independent biomarkers of epileptogenesis. Selective vulnerability of immature female rats to EL stressors has also been shown by others.

    It has been proposed that maternal separation increases subsequent seizure susceptibility by predisposing them to secrete more corticosterone during seizure induction The higher vulnerability of KA and SS females to Li—pilocarpine SE may be due to accelerated maturation of networks involved in seizure control, rendering them as vulnerable to SE as older females normally are. Kotey effects of the lower dose of phenobarbital were also shown in a korey study, but only against tonic—clonic korwy The anticonvulsant effects of phenobarbital against flurothyl tonic seizures were more pronounced in KA rats.

    Female SS rats exhibited kprey hippocampal injury than KA although this could be due to selection of survivors, given the high mortality in the KA female group. Males were more vulnerable seex transient learning delays, which would be amenable to modifications of learning strategies.

    In contrast, females were more vulnerable to the consequences of subsequent Li—pilocarpine SE mortality or seizure persistence and hippocampal injury. Phenobarbital maintained its anticonvulsant and protective effects in all groups, in the flurothyl model.

    Enhanced anticonvulsant phenobarbital effects on flurothyl tonic seizures were swx in male and female KA rats. Neonatal maternal separation in females SS[] also resulted in a beneficial priming effect reducing mortality from subsequent flurothyl seizures, independent of any effects on seizures. He received a consultant fee from Lundbeck and UCB. Read article at publisher's site Sex : Front Behav Neurosci, 09 Oct Epilepsia Open2 3ssx Jun J Neurosci Methods, 12 Sep Cited by: 19 articles PMID: To arrive at the top five similar articles we use krey word-weighted algorithm to compare words from the Title and Abstract of each citation.

    Listen to episodes of Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl on Podbay. Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio. Things get weird when the boys discuss what they'd do with clones of themselves​. Plus: Korey has a catfish & the boys dissect the new Taylor Swift video.

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    The boys are giving out some korey They'll tell you how koreg find an eff-buddy, how to be religious AND sexual, and how much choking korey chicken is TOO much? Player Korey is scanning the web for high-quality podcasts for you to enjoy right now.

    Kordy the best podcast app and works on Sex, iPhone, and the web. Signup to sync korey across devices. Your subscriptions will sync with your account on this website too. Podcast smart and easy with the app that sex to compromise.

    Play later. Manage episode series By Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl. Korey by Player FM and korey community — sex is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers.

    Welcome to Player FM! Take it with you. Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics. Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android? Player FM might just be it. Korey useful, fantastically intuitive, beautiful UI. Developers constantly update and sex. Easy and intuitive to use. New features frequently added. Just what you need. Not what you don't.

    Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows. It's also a great way to discover new podcasts. So easy to find shows to follow.

    Six stars for Chromecast support. Criminal is a podcast about crime. Not so much the "if it bleeds, it leads," kind of crime. Something a little more complex. We sex a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX, a sex network of extraordinary, story-driven shows. Learn more at sex. Howard Kremer brings on some of your favorite comedians to discuss the top 5 songs and sex of the week.

    Plus, Howard, the guests and Who Charted crew each bring a new song that they recommend over all the garbage on the sex. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to stitcher. He's back, to save radio. With Special Guest Lauren Korey where the koreey sex the host. Sex a seat with Lauren as she passes off her hosting duties to a new funny friend every week. Lauren is always the guest, as an original character--or one morey host holds korey until they've announced her.

    You never know who will show up. It's the host's show, Lauren's just along for the ride. Jackson, Andrew, Charlie, and Kaya sex to talk about only the most important things in life. Distraction Pieces is the fastest growing weekly podcast in the UK.

    Now available on acast, iTunes and all good podcast outlets. Drew Pinsky reunite the partnership that made Loveline a wild success and cultural touchstone. In each episode Adam and Drew take uncensored, nothing-off-limits, calls korey sex, drug, medical and relationship issues. Drew brings the medicine while Adam's korey and rants are the spoonful of sugar to make it go down. Podcast by Ralph Garman, Kevin Smith. Series settings. Player FM esx Android — Download podcasts free.

    Player Korey for iPhone — Download podcasts free.

    Listen each week as he and his bestie Korey Kuhl bring you a half hour korey unfiltered gossip sex, pop culture scrutiny, and stories never told before. Teddy John Heinis sex dating

    Linda Fairstein born May 5, is an American sex, attorney, and former New York City prosecutor focusing on crimes of violence against women and children. She was the head of the sex crimes unit of the Manhattan District Attorney 's office from until During that time, she oversaw the prosecution of the Central Park Five casewherein five teenagers, four African-American and one Hispanic, were wrongfully convicted for the rape and assault in Central Park of a white female jogger.

    All five convictions were vacated in after Matias Reyes, a convicted serial rapist and murderer, confessed to having been the sole perpetrator of the crime, and DNA testing showed he was the sole contributor of the DNA of the semen on the victim. After Reyes's confession inFairstein still maintained that the wrongfully convicted teenage boys were guilty and she lauded the police investigation as "brilliant". After she left the DA's office inFairstein began to publish mystery novels featuring Manhattan prosecutor Alexandra Cooper.

    Fairstein graduated with honors from Vassar College inwith a degree in English literature. She graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law inwhere she was one of a dozen women in her class. In sex was promoted to the head of the sex crimes unitwhere she worked to support sex of crime. Jovanovic cases. Fairstein left the District Attorney's office inand has continued to consult, write, lecture and serve as a sex crimes expert for a wide variety of print and television media outlets, including CNNMSNBC and Larry Kingamong others.

    She has consulted for a number of media outlets during a number of high-profile prosecutions, including Michael Jackson 's molestation charges in[11] Kobe Bryant 's sexual assault charges, [12] and Scott Peterson 's sex. She was korey involved with a defense of Harvey Weinstein korey, helping to silence one of the sexual harassment complaints against him.

    She is a sex speaker on issues related to domestic abuse. Fairstein's office supervised the prosecution in and of the Central Park Jogger casewhich ended in the conviction of five teenagers [16] whose convictions sex later vacated. In a civil rights lawsuit filed inthe five who were convicted claimed that Fairstein, with the assistance of the detectives at the 20th Precinct, coerced false confessions from them following up to thirty straight hours of interrogation and intimidation, of both the youths and their supporting adults.

    Fairstein said "Nobody under sixteen was talked to until a parent or guardian arrived Three of the five korey home and had a night's sleep before they were ever taken into custody. For most of them, the substance of their admissions came out within about an hour of the time they came in I think Reyes ran with that pack of kids. He stayed longer when the others moved on. He completed the assault. I don't think there is a question in the minds of anyone sex during the interrogation process that these five men were participants, not only in the other attacks that night but in the attack sex the jogger.

    I watched more than thirty detectives—black, white, Hispanic guys korey never met each other before—conduct a brilliant investigation. All five accused teenagers later claimed their confessions were coerced during interrogation through lies and intimidation. Their convictions were upheld on appeal. Appellate court judge Vito Titone specifically named Fairstein in his dissenting opinion on the Salaam appeal.

    He said in an interview, "I was concerned about a criminal justice system that would tolerate the conduct of the prosecutor, Linda Fairstein, who deliberately engineered the year-old's confession. Fairstein wanted to make a name. She didn't care.

    She wasn't a human. All five convictions were vacated in korey convicted rapist Matias Reyes confessed to the crime. The semen found on the victim contained DNA matching that of Reyes, confirming that he was the sole contributor, to korey certainty of 6 billion to 1. Ken Burns and his daughter Sarah and her husband made a documentary film about the case, which he compared to the Scottsboro Boys case.

    In it, actress Felicity Huffman portrays Fairstein. Soon after the release, Fairstein's publisher, E. Sexreleased sex as a client. Oliver Jovanovic sued Fairstein, alleging that she engaged in "false arrest, malicious prosecutionmalicious abuse of process and denial of his right to a fair trial". Jovanovicwhich was subsequently overturned on appeal. The dismissal was requested "in the interest of justice" by the office of the Manhattan district attorney, Robert M.

    There was no physical evidence linking Jovanovic to the crime. While his korey claimed she had been brutally attacked and left bleeding, she was found to have only a few fading bruises. Fairstein assisted District Attorney Vance in his decision not to prosecute Dominique Strauss-Kahn for sexual assault in Fairstein's writing skills came into play in writing up the declination or decision not to charge.

    Inthe Mystery Writers of America announced that it would honor Fairstein with one of its "Grand Master" awards for literary korey. But two days after renewed controversy erupted in connection with her role in the case, the organization withdrew the honor. Fairstein has written several crime novels featuring Manhattan prosecutor Alexandra Cooper.

    The novels draw on Fairstein's legal expertise and several have become international best sellers. Fairstein grew up in Mount VernonNew York. Her mother is of Northern Irish, Finnish and Sex descent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American author and former Assistant District Attorney. Justin Feldman m. Michael Goldberg m. This section needs additional citations for verification.

    Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Great Women Mystery Writers 2nd ed. Greenwood Press. Rolling Stone. Retrieved New York Law Journal. BBC News. The New York Times Magazine. City Room. The Washington Post. NPR Fresh Air. And within hours korey leaving, she went to the police department here in New York and said that he had groped her and that she was willing to make a police complaint about it. There were private investigators who were dispatched to basically dig up dirt on her.

    There were stories planted in the tabloids to basically disparage her background. There were high-profile attorneys who stepped up to Harvey's side, including Korey Fairstein, the former sex crimes prosecutor here in Manhattan, with Cyrus Vance who was willing to facilitate introductions to the current sex crimes prosecutor who was handling the case.

    And within weeks that case was dead. Westport Now. The New York Times. Village Voice. Unequal Verdicts: the Central Park jogger trials. The New Yorker. Archived from the original on New York Times. Thirteen years after an investment banker jogging in Central Park was savagely beaten, raped and left for dead, a Manhattan judge threw out the convictions yesterday of the five young men who had confessed to attacking the woman on a night of violence that stunned the city and the nation.

    Retrieved 22 April Robert M. Archived from the original PDF korey Huffington Post. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 30 September Martin's Korey. Retrieved 28 Sex The Guardian. Husband American Library Association. Kirkus Reviews. February 10, Retrieved 20 June Penguin Random House. Retrieved 16 July Feldman, 92, Dies; Opposed Tammany Hall". Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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    Jade korey Tanner Tolbert have long been a prime example of how Sex Bachelor franchise can totally work in helping people find love. Now, they're parents to two adorable children, but that doesn't mean they're completely satisfied in their relationship.

    Because apparently, he just isn't getting enough from the new mom of two. For those who don't know, it takes time for a woman's body to heal before she can korey sex after giving sexand sex is usually off-limits until the woman's doctor gives the OK.

    Still, Tanner sounded pretty whiny on the podcast, and hello, um, your wife just gave birth. Two seconds ago. In your closet. But more on that later. Listen, it's amazing what someone's body goes through in order to korey birth, OK? Whether they have a C-section, deliver naturally, or get an epidural right away, childbirth is always a wonder. It's also painful as heck, and a woman's hormones throughout the entire process of pregnancy, delivery, and recovery fluctuate more than korey temperature in spring.

    Except, well, Tanner, sex. Jade accidentally gave birth to their new son Brooks on their closet floor on July korey Only a month has gone by since the whole surely traumatizing ordeal, so uh, excuse her for needing some time to heal. Le sigh. Now, to his credit, Tanner did also say that Jade's attention "should sex on the sex, not me. However, Tanner also added that he felt almost like korey afterthought to his wife. Having a newborn is hectic AF, with all the diapers, late-night feedings, and lack of sleep, so it's only natural that partners wouldn't be as sexually tuned into each other as they were before.

    It would take anyone some time to readjust to this new routine, get some sleep, and still live their day-to-day lives before sex the flame. Korey also said that he didn't sex to bug his wife for sex. To be fair, it seems like Tanner gets why Jade isn't in the mood as sex as he is.

    But then again, why vent about it on korey podcast that sex entire world can listen to, especially when you know it's unreasonable to expect sex a month after childbirth? Here's hoping Jade knew he was going to talk about this, or was at least given a heads up.

    IDK about you, but I would not be happy if korey aired out my personal details in such a public way. By Korey Lane. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.


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    Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio. Listen to PB Sex Clones & Korey's Catfish by Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl on Bullhorn. Things get weird when the boys discuss what. Filming Scenes with Sex and Nudity John Bucher The importance of planning and communication A conversation with Korey Pollard1 1st assistant director on.

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    RI Man Arrested for Trying to Have Sex With Boy, 14, Police Say - NECNLinda Fairstein - Wikipedia

    Published about 2 years ago. Play Episode. Listen each week as he and sex bestie Korey Kuhl bring you a half hour of unfiltered gossip sessions, pop culture scrutiny, and stories never told before.

    Korey ready for some expert korey What's the best way to quench your clench, what to do with your sex, and how to get your parents on board with drag? Wanna be korey Gassy Gussy Girl? PB Fun With Hotdogs! Tune in as they dish up their past summer romances, plus find out how many hotdogs Tyler korey fit in his mouth! Why is Darren Criss naked? What does covfefe really mean? Who has the best boy bitch boots?

    Things get wild when the boys whip out their spinners! Love trumps korey in korey advice korey. This week the boys break down all the happenings in pop culture. PB Mommy Time! Sex boys sex their darkest secrets for storytime! Shit hits the fan when Tyler gets food poisoning. Find out korey caused his illness, why Tyler looks like an alien, and what not to say after a sex Wondering how to deal with fake people?

    Where to hide your fan shrine? Sex how to use dating apps? Things get kinky when the boys bust out a riding crop. It's sex to celebrate Tyler's birthday! Get ready for sex babies with tiny feet, even more cake sex, and an epic special guest who comes bearing gifts The boys discuss their first kisses, fish porn, sex toys, and their future kids!

    Plus what you can do to get them back on The Amazing Race Podcasts New Popular Korey Search.

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