Different Types of Termite Control Products

If you have been a property owner for a long time, I am sure you must be encountering termite problems now and then. You cannot see them but they are around, in your backyard, kitchen and other places. This termite is a big enemy to any building property because it not only damages the building but also the people living in that building. In most cases the damage is done within the first year itself. This is why it is essential for all building owners to have termite control measures so that the problem does not become a lot bigger.

There are two basic methods of termite control. You could either use termite liquid insecticides (chemical pesticides) as soil and barrier treatment or termite bait systems. Some people even opt for both. The two articles below go into more detail on both termite control methods and termite inspection. Read on.

Termite Control – Chemical Pesticides: For termite control, chemical pesticides are widely used. Usually the chemicals are applied into the wood and left for some time so that the termites crawl onto and digest it. After this period, the baiting system is introduced so that the termites can devour it easily. Baits are made from the plant material that termites like, which include cellulose, paper, sawdust, pine cones and grass. Baits are often suspended beneath the ground in rows and holes so that the termite will crawl over it and get trapped inside.

Using Liquid Termiticide: Another common form of termite control involves using liquid termiticide. Usually, liquid termiticide is a suspension of some very fine particles that are injected into the ground so that the termites will take them up immediately. Some liquid termite infestation products also contain a baiting unit that is inserted under the ground or laid on top of it. This unit has a strong electric current that is triggered once termite eggs are laid on it. The electricity then kills the termites instantly.

DIY Termite Control: The last option to termite control is to do it yourself using some DIY equipment. Sometimes this can be quite effective, especially when the damage caused by termite to your property is quite severe. However, before trying this, you need to be sure that you have enough knowledge and experience in this field. You should also practice regularly so that when the time comes, you know how to use and handle the DIY termite control products effectively.

If you are interested in termite control, it is advisable that you learn more about termite control methods. There are many DIY termite control methods available. One of them is the liquid termite Insecticidal Sprays. This is considered the most effective termite control method, which is easy to apply. Another popular DIY termite control product is the termiticide folders which you can spray around your home or office.

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